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Rapid Weight Loss and Gallstone Formation by Diana Y. Healthy Living Professional there is risk of gallstone formation when rapid or significant weight loss is achieved. This was a devastating... enough how dangerous this is. If you develop gallstones, you must have surgery to have them removed. IMO, surgery...
for you, I'd suggest moving to something else. Just beware the diets recommend nothing but juice or soup... As far as a diet, I always tell people to find a diet they can live with for the rest...
Roxy ,is a doctor overseeing this diet you are on? Hi Roxy... what do you expect to achieve by limiting your calories to 200/day?  
I Need Your Advice, Suggestions, Help!! Any Cleanses, Healthy Fasts, Diets That Have Worked For You?? by Heidi .. Patient Expert I have tried many different fasts, cleanses, diets, etc throughout my life but now cannot seem to find one. Part of my problem is that I LOVE to eat so any kind of a fast or cleanse is going...
Dieting mothers have anorexic daughters, study suggests by Laura Patient Expert Dieting mothers have anorexic daughters, study suggests... Okay, I should not take the bait.... Correlation is not causation. Both moms and their daughters are under similar and related pressures to diet...
If Diabetes UK wants to help diabetics, I suggest it stops recommending a diet that I think is utterly unsuitable for diabetics by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor . If Diabetes UK is serious about helping diabetics, I suggest it starts by ceasing to recommend a diet.... He showed me a variety of graphs from several patients pre- and post-adoption of a lower carbohydrate diet. He relayed...
Mother’s Diet Influences Baby’s Allergies, Research Suggests by Baby Mum-Mum .. Patient Expert risk.  What if mum’s diet could also predict a child’s future allergies risk? A new study has suggested... Plenty of studies as of late have found that a mother’s diet during pregnancy can have a big
Study suggests that a diet richer in protein can speed the metabolic rate by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor I make no secret of the fact that I favour protein-rich diets, particularly where weight loss... diet was better for maintaining weight loss than a diet rich in carbohydrate. In this particular study
A MS Patients' suggested diet to combat Multiple Sclerosis by stuart Patient Expert This diet was referred by Mansoor (an MS peer), from Iran. Mercí to Mansoor. Mansoor webs page. The Paleolithic diet is a dietary regime which some people believe to be effective...
Evidence Suggests Eating Omega 3, Mediterranean Diet, Preserves Memory by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert The study found that in healthy people, those who more closely followed the Mediterranean diet..., modifiable activities, such as diet, that may delay the onset of symptoms of dementia...

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Prevention ... ty foods with a high cholesterol content. A low fat, high fiber diet is recommended including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetabl ... » Read on
Symptoms ... Jaundice can be caused by a number of other conditions, such as gallstones, or hepatitis, and is rarely caused by cancer. You ma ... » Read on