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Does your eyes looked dull and dry? Are you tired of trying different skin care kits? Then here is... More
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Hey Everyone!  Hey Everyone, 26 year old female, thyriod cancer and law school... More
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Zetaclear Nail fungus usually grow on wet and damp feet, it is therefore very important to keep... More

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Taking a rest from running is good. When you return to running, do half the distance at a comfortable pace. Follow the 10% rule in increasing distance or speed. Follow heavy/light schedule of runs to give your body at least 4
& feet are swollen, too, then obviously you're retaining fluid.  The big question is why?  If your liver...
Running puts a shock of 2-3 times your body weight on your body, and your feet are the ones that make contact with the ground. No wonder your feet are tender. Be sure you don't overstride. Your feet...
, too.  But I'm not clear why it happened all of a sudden.  An acute fracture, perhaps?  Best to go see...
If it were my middle finger, yes, I'd worry.  Did you traumatize it?  In other words, bang it on something?  Got it caught in a door jamb or drop something on it? Do you have Raynaud's phenomena whereby your extremities are
An allergic reaction is a possibility and, if that's what it is and your cat is fine otherwise, any swelling should gradually go down on its own. If warm (or cool) compresses make your cat more comfortable, then applying the
If this is a significant and ongoing problem, you may wish to ask for a referral for evaluation by a rheumatologist to help you figure out the cause. Good luck!
The reason for the swelling may be twofold. Both his work on the computer and piping may cause the repetitive stress (and strain) syndrome, which manifests as swelling and pain. The same strain on the hand may cause arthriti
Swollen feet and ankles by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor has to work very hard to pump blood against gravity from your feet to your heart. When your feet... sitting causes your feet to swell up to more than 110 percent of their size. This can make your shoes feel...
Swollen ankles and feet by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor very hard to pump blood against gravity from your feet to your heart. When your feet are above your heart... causes your feet to swell up to more than 110% of their size. This can make your shoes feel tight...

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Symptoms ... n acute phase means that your child's symptoms will appear very suddenly, and can often be intense and severe. ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ints such as the knees, ankles or toes. The affected joints are swollen and sore. The tendons and ligaments ne ... » Read on