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Squat Echo : Poor man’s stress echocardiography ! by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor There are innumerable  stresses  to human beings in daily life . Heart  experiences a few  either directly or indirectly. Physical stress Pharmacological  stress Mechanical stress Hemodynamic...
Foundations of Clinical Medicine, Echocardiograph Lab, and Stress Test by CCLCM Student .. Medical Student hospital. We rotated at several stations, where we learned how to interpret echocardiograms as well as about the physiology of the heart. Echocardiograms are performed by using sound waves, and you can see the valves...
LA-ABC News Anchor Gets a Stress Test from Dr. Oz–And As the Show Moves to Channel 7 by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven and Dr. Oz helped me gauge if I was, in fact, doing it right. I took an echocardiogram... and my heart rate was at a stressed 171. It's time to stop the treadmill so doctors can take a good look...
Oh the Stress and Then Comes Happiness....... by Pamela B. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Yesterday Andy and I took Rhett up to the Children's Hospital for a sedated Echocardiogram on his heart and to see the cardiologist. We were both basket cases all morning. Given Rhett's history...
Stress....Stress......and More Stress....... by Pamela B. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Warning this is one big fat huge WHINE!!!!! We bought our house three years ago. At the time Andy had a good job as a production foreman, and I was a store manager of a video store. We were both making great money. Wel
Stress, StressStress…CRASH! by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven Boy, was I a disaster when I came home yesterday afternoon.  It was movies in bed on baby MacBook all the way, until…well, bed! I think my brain might be coming back to me (TBD), but my bod
The stressful stress of stress by Craig At Balanced Immune Health Healthy Living Professional When it comes to healthy immune balance, stress is kind of like the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good is that a little quick-hitting stress once in while–a scary movie, anxiety before a test or...
Stress, Stress, Stress by Jamie L. Patient Expert I will admit that I'm under a lot of stress right now. Current stressors include: 1. My job... around that. 3. My weight - I know, I have enough to worry about, but being overweight stresses...
Stress Stress and more Stress by Halo Patient Expert As in all moments of stress i have to get busy. So i have built a new blog, which will be dedicated to Autism and Wandering: Halo♥
Interesting Stress Facts: Effects of Task-Related Stress vs. "Other" Stress by Dr. Elisabeth Kuhn Doctor of Philosophy I just came across some interesting stress facts: You know how when you have a deadline.... Well… I just read in Prevention Magazine they’ve done research on stress that showed the following...

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