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On December 31, 2010 I did something I never do: I made a New Years resolution. I blame the... More
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I am 24 year old Bostonian, once New York City girl, and dedicated runner. My blog is a place... More
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Your Vegan Mom lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Paul, and son, Desmond. If you don't mind,... More
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I've been a personal trainer for over 14 years. A decade ago, I began working with clients in... More
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that you are not pregnant.   As far as birth control.  If you know when your fertile window is (five days total... have unprotected sex and hormonal birth control isn't necessary.   ...
if your cycles are regular and he has at least  small percentage of sperm that are viable I say you have a chance. 
Question 60. My reproductive endocrinologist has recommended a protocol that uses birth control pills. Why would birth control p by John David Gordon MD Medical Doctor about Infertility, Second Edition... 60. My reproductive endocrinologist has recommended a protocol that uses birth control pills. Why would birth control pills be used in IVF? Birth control pills or, more correctly, oral...
too????? I stopped using my birth control pills about a week into a new pack. The month before I had missed a few...? Did you stop birth control before or after a new cycle? (meaning did you finish out the pack then bleed or...
with the 28-day birth control pills. Periods experienced on birth control pills (or pill periods) result... pill period. Is it okay to switch from another birth control pill to Seasonale? Yes...
while you are on it though you will have instances of break through bleeding over the first six months or so (that is how long it took for me to stop...
stop bleeding quite quickly -- this is important if you are losing quite a bit of blood...
Adverse Effects of BCPs Birth Control Pills by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor Listing of References Which Document the Adverse Effects of Birth Control Pill by Jeffrey Dach... (Birth Control Pills) trade names: Brevicon®, Demulen®, Enovid®, Genora®, Levlen®, Loestrin®, Micronor...
How to Balance Your Hormones After Birth Control by Hethir R. Healthy Living Professional I want to begin this article by first examining our relationship with Birth Control... from the use of birth control containing synthetic hormones makes me wonder if there might be a better way...
Birth Control and the Female Distance Runner by Dana Solof Patient Expert between estrogen and bone density seems to be established, the logic that birth control pills will protect bone... is that the hormones in birth control pills, estrogen and progesterone, help feed the overgrowth of yeasts...

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How it works ... es that are inserted into the womb by a doctor. An IUD works by stopping sperm from reaching the egg. It does this by releasing ... » Read on
Risks ... unborn baby, including an increased risk of miscarriage, early birth, and a reduced birth weight. There is also evidence that w ... » Read on