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Stool Odor

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Does Poo Pourri really prevent bathroom odors? by Sarah B. Patient Expert ” that covers up bathroom odors. The commercial looks like a total joke but apparently it’s a real product... from the commercial –  we couldn’t make this stuff up) the film traps their odors below the water level. We opted...
Poo with an Odor of Mothballs by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert with an Odor of Mothballs I never heard this one before. Subscribe to the Alzheimer's Reading...
TCM #11: What do You Know about Urine & Stool? (part 1) by Coco .. Patient Expert Why are Urine and Stool So Important? Human life cannot exist without eating... and breath odor. For thousands of years, TCM practitioners have honed these basic skills as the mainstay...
The case of the phantom poo by Melissa M. Patient Expert I woke up today and noticed an all too common offensive odor wafting in from an unknown location, Poo. I first checked the downstairs changing table. I have at times, been in a rush...
Even post-menopausal women can get STDs & other infections which usually present themselves as a different discharge that may (not) be odorous.  Pain may (not) be present.  Any change should be brought...
in it. However, bleeding that occurs high up in the intestinal track can also result in black stool and sometimes these are described as "tarry" in nature. That is, compared to normal stool, this stool is stickier.
.  I would've expected more white blood cells (WBC) in your stool if you were infected.  Likewise, I wonder what made your doctor comment about blood in your stool (unless you're the same person who wrote in another community...
I haven't had much experience with feet odors, so my comments are pretty shallow and are about things you may have already done. Wash your sneakers and let them air-dry. Wear synthetic socks...
Best to review the materials you received before your procedure and then talk to your gynecologist or whoever performed said procedure.  That's the best way to determine what's normal and what's not (and to figure out what to
Probably nothing.  More importantly, why was your stool being checked?  Best to go ask the health care provider who ordered the test how s/he would interpret it.  But in the meantime, 0-1 is typically

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Symptoms ... up of mucus. Large, odorous stools - this is a result of poor digestion caused by mucus buil ... » Read on
Symptoms ... and concentrated, dark urine with a strong odor. A dehydrated baby may be ... » Read on