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mjbaker California
Am a 55 year old Disabled, Diabetic, Veteran, who has been diagnosed with some kind of Cancerous... More
Karen Henley California
My husband was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease 8 years ago when he was 36 years... More
Vitiligo Surgeon California  Melanosite - spreading right color in right way, is one of the... More
On The Borderline New Hampshire
On The Borderline is a non-profit organization founded in January of 2009. Our mission is to... More
I am an Army Officer who has a keen interest in being fit and healthy. I have, on my own, studied... More

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Earth Balance “buttery” Spread fooled my family by The Savvy Sister Registered NurseHealth Maven A tasty, healthy, vegan, butter substitute is not just a dream! I am in love with Earth Balance  products.  When I decided to go vegan, I had to find a buttery-tasting substitute for my toast, for baking, cooking, etc.  The
The list is pretty extensive depending upon presence or absence of pain, fever, sexual activity, etc.  Best to check in w/your doc.
Best to go back to the dentist/oral surgeon who extracted her abscessed tooth.  S/he can then look for traumatic injury to the nerves in the area.  Perhaps she's running low on some vitamin or mineral.  Early presentation fo
, you can spread your infection to your partner, even when you don't have any symptoms. So the recommendation... outbreak. Women with herpes are even more likely to spread the infection, because they may not feel...
Hi there - Wasp stings are the worst.  If you are still  itchy and the regular over the counter products aren't working.  This is something I'd personally call my family doctor about and be seen.  Marna
As I'm sure your doctor told you back when you had thyroid cancer, have any suspicious swollen lymph nodes checked by your doctor. Once you've had cancer once it's always a possibility in the future BUT swollen nodes are als
I have the same thing on my arms. They dont itch, but they are small little bumbs that are all over my arm. There is more on my left arm then my right. Any suggestions? A picture could be helpful - as well as more details - a
There are many things that can cause sunken eyes and thin flesh on cheeks, rowz, including inadequate diet, stress and lack of sleep. As there are also a number of illnesses that can cause...
Dear crazylyn, So many women report "weird" facial sensations during Menopause; even numbness, tingling, and drooping that resolves within a short time. And indeed, high blood pressure also might cause such a sensation - be

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