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Spotting Brown Discharge Throughout Cycle

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The duration of your menstrual cycle can vary, sometimes from cycle to cycle.  Depending... quickly) to brown (if flowing more slowly).  However, there shouldn't be any change to its smell (no foul odors...
Where are you in your cycle?  
my experiences! I have had brown/red spotting for 3-7 days before my period starts for as long as i can remember... to all. I stopped BC in Feb of 2011 and starting in April of 2011 I began having anything from light brown discharge...
if the spotting is from some other condition. If this is perimenopause, it may be the beginning of irregular cycles and bleeding/spotting. In any case, it is good to make sure.   Good luck and keep us informed...
discharge. 3 days later i found a few spots of blood in this discharge.what could it mean... by charting).. the clear discharge that is.  Clear watery or eggwhite like cervical fluid...
cramping for 2 days before then on the 1 i got brown spotting for 2 days and nothing else...  Hi girls... sure if that was even a normal period (I only released brown discharge...
Am 24, and I did read about  the brown spotting could mean that you could be getting your period... it is for you to have irregular menses (periods).  And depending upon the speed of your flow, it might range from brown (slow...
i had sex on feb 14 n we had sex witout an today i have a discharge that is brown... is there something else going on down there? im 18. I don't know about what your discharge could be but I do know...
it would be too early to tell from this particular session...   however, you could have a UTI so I'd look to that as a reason rather than the former
pains. i went to the bathroom and wiped off and i had a brown slightly red discharge but only that one...brown is indicative of old blood and doesn't usually pose a health risk (especially with no burning...

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Symptoms ... etite. Dry cough. Red-brown spotty rash that appears 3 to 4 days after first symptoms, ... » Read on
Symptoms ... les of your feet. The pustules gradually develop into circular, brown, scaly spots, which then peel off. Pustules may reappear e ... » Read on