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DrAyala California
I’m a physician (Pediatrics and Medical Genetics), artist, and mother of 3 school age... More
AnaisBertie California
I am Actress Anais Bertie. I was born April 2, 1989 in Los Angeles, CA. I practically grew up... More
Every day I am inundated with news, information, and research that affect the health and... More
Candy T. Novi, Michigan
ajlesser California
People frequently tell me I am crazy for doing triathlons. I always respond that I was once a... More

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Split personalities by Laura Patient Expert and neighbors don't want or need to hear all that. So, I split myself into two Facebook people... going to split my blog, too. But now I get to choose new names and I'd love your help. Here's...
Split up the Happy Family by Angus Patient Expert Since November 2010 a foreign spouse overseas cannot join her spouse legitimately in the UK unless s/he passes an English language test. This stinks! Just imagine ... Kezia's leukaemia relapses, I take her to the UK, Nanda
To Find The Right Person You Need To Be The Right Person by Susan Patient Expert Being the right person As requested by TangoLola in Questions post: The saying... find where he says it) is: to find the right person you need to be the right person. Someone asked...
To Find The Right Person, Be The Right Person by Susan Patient Expert Someone asked how to “be” the right person. I know it’s all over this blog but probably not... KNOW what “be the right person” means. So this is my take on it, first pass...
How Do Personal Trainers Personally Train? by PJ S. Healthy Living Professional I get a lot of emails from people asking about my own personal workout regimen, how I'm currently training, etc. When inquiring about my personal training regimen, readers often write...
Tests & Diagnostics for Multiple Personality Disorder by Well Med Here is a list of some of the common tests and diagnostics for Multiple Personality Disorder..., these are just some of the common tests and diagnostics for Multiple Personality Disorder. You can connect with experts...
Is there a split in the autism-vaccine groups? by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Family Foundation. All groups promoting the idea that vaccines cause autism. As to the split mentioned...
Blogversation Topic & Q&A about the Chore Split Up by Summer S. Patient Expert in each persons laundry individually, garage & backyard cleaning (kicking out the spiders and webs kind of stuff... go together because of how we developed our own personal rating system.  After we wrote out all the chores and responsibilites...
When Are You Most Yourself? by Greg Katz Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Ever feel like you have multiple personalities?  You have to be the strong fighter when facing... make someone else feel better.  Do you really enjoy living like Sybil?  Living as a medical multiple personality...
When Did Multiple Personalities Get Hot? by Susan .. Patient Expert Was I sleeping when TV and ad executives decided this summer that Multiple Personalities... in a psychology lecture hall, and the prof introduces the topic for class today. Multiple personalities. Cut...

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Introduction ... Schizophrenia is frequently misunderstood as split personality or multiple personality. However the split in ... » Read on
Complications All surgery carries a slight degree of risk. However, most people do not have any complications. ... » Read on