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jam1282 California
I've been piecing it together on my own since late last summer, when I learned three things:... More
nilynaiman Kiamesha lake, New York
Nily Naiman was born in Israel in December of 1953. She was the elder of two sisters in a hard... More
Peter Strong Louisville, Colorado
Peter Strong, PhD is a Professional Psychotherapist and Online Therapist who specializes in the... More
Colleen .., PhD Chicago, Illinois
My name is Colleen Duffy. Currently I am a 27 year old Masters Level Psychotherapist. However,... More
Ilona Meagher Caledonia, Illinois
Ilona Meagher is author of Moving a Nation to Care: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and America's... More

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Trauma and trauma by Larry Drain Healthy Living Professional I talked with a friend about trauma, mental health, memory and being retraumatized... with him was him and how violating that felt. He read about trauma informed care finally and knew it was about him.  He just didnt...
Old Trauma and New Trauma by Rachel M. Patient Expert . I see old trauma as an old man who sat in the same room with me face to face. He is alive... and he is no longer a threat to me. I dealt with old trauma alone too long. About a few years ago, the relief...
Childbirth after Previous Birth Trauma by Carol Yeh-Garner Patient ExpertHealth Maven ): Subsequent Childbirth after Previous Birth Trauma: In order to help clinicians provide better care... birth trauma are invited to participate in this research study. Just like Professor Beck's previous...
I hope that your friend has been under the care of a is possible that he could have hepatitis and if he has this, it need medical treatment.  Once the "scary" diagnoses have passed, Traditional Chinese Medicine
Yes, unfortunately whiplash can cause pain and headaches. A sudden trauma such as whiplash can cause injury to the soft tissues of the neck, ligaments and muscles. Any type of tightness...
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP)  An agency of the United States Department of Defense offering consultation, education and research. This is the Premier Repository of clinical material associated with all patholo
When I looked up the symptoms, fatigue was one of the symptoms of cancer of the spleen but as I'm sure you know fatigue can be caused by just about anything. So don't worry until you're told to worry
the next day.  She is on antibiotic ointment now and I pray the trauma doesn't cause blindness. Judy, Do you know what caused the trauma?  Was it a blow of some type to the eye area or did some type of foreign...
the same types of errors over & over again.     I'm not a surgeon, but I would imagine that cutting the spleen...
Deaconess hospital in Spokane Will No Longer Serve as Major Trauma Center by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven serving as a major trauma hospital this year but keep its emergency room open for less serious injuries... currently share the Level II trauma center designation under a 14-year joint operating agreement...

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Prevention ... ephritic syndrome ( kidney damage), or splenic (injury to your spleen), or asplenic dysfunction (no spleen), additional vaccina ... » Read on
Introduction ... pharynx (retro-pharyngeal abscess), spleen (splenic abscess), ovaries (tubo-ovarian ... » Read on