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Sperm Viability

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Fertility Foibles California
I am a 36-year old woman who's tried for five years to get pregnant using both traditional and... More
EloiseDrane Grayson, Georgia
Eloise Drane has been involved in the egg donor and surrogacy processes since 1999. She has... More
Teri California
I'm a 29-year-old teacher from Pennsylvania. My husband (who is also a teacher) and I have been... More
Dr. Sudarsan Ghosh Dastidar played a pioneer role in the development of IVF technology in India.... More
Pairofmoms Detroit, Michigan
This is the blog of two women on the path to parenthood. We are currently using known donor sperm... More

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Sperm Banking with Home Specimen Collection -- An Interesting Variant of Tissue Banking by Bruce Friedman Patient Expert I was certainly previously aware of sperm collection and banking but had never heard... Launches NextgenSM Home Sperm Banking to Provide Long-Distance Storage Option for Men...
Transgenic ZP2 Mouse Model Produces Eggs That Bind to Human Sperm Protein by human sperm viability for reproductive technologies. Diagnostic assay can be extended to determine... Description of Invention: Fertilizing sperm bind to an extracellular coat surrounding...
Semenax Official Site I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great. There are things that help.  Check out my "Suppliments for TTC" page.    Scroll down past the women's and I have some things that hel
If you want to know how fertile you are then you need to request a Sperm Analysis from your physican. Masturbating daily will lower your sperm count and smoking can also affect fertilility
i don't understand exactly your meaning of the question posted.   Could you rephrase?
Since he has been on it for four months then now would be a good time to have him get a sperm analysis done to check how it may or may not be affecting his fertility. Results don't typically
VolumePills Official Site I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great. There are suppliments/vitamins that you could take that might improve your numbers.  I would suggest giving them a try and maybe get
he sometimes it does. you should try to avoid rubbing ur partner sperm on your vagina and the opening.... there are various other places where you can enjoy :) For most of your cycle the answer...
Our lab likes it to be 48 hours of abstinance...which includes intercourse as well as masturbation. Just to be safe we abstained for 72 hours
if you want to know if your husband semen is possibly being affected by his medication then I would suggest requesting a sperm analysis done.   Its the easiest way to know if he is having any issues

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