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jdl California
I am currently primary caregiver to my 89 year old father-in-law who has esophageal cancer which... More
Brishreny California
It looks help regenerate skin's appearance and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. This is how to... More
papa California
im  a 63 yr old male smoked for 50 yrs (quit now)had respiratory failure in 2005 when i... More
Mohit G. Cupertino, California
I am a software engineer, and like others of my field, I spend endless hours staring at the... More

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the sore stomach muscles may be from being so skinny and being between 5 and 6 weeks pregnant... though, my stomach is very sore and I have had that constant feeling of being bloated all day, like I have eaten...
. its sooo annoying. I dont have cramping pain either...its just a sore stomache. feels like someone has been kickin my stomache all night and some days i wake up bloated...and somedays im just sore but i feel...
hey i have very swollen stoamack everyday when i take my medicine Dear Margot, Abdominal pain and swelling can be symptoms of numerous conditions - it's best to see your trusted health care practitioner who can elicit a co
While those are symptoms of pregnancy they are also symptoms of illness as well.  Nothing you provided (information wise) allows me to speculate on if she could possibly be pregnant or not. I would suggest asking her to ta
Magnolia’s 6-Month Challenge: Day 13 Sore Back, Sore Joints and Exercise in the AM by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional with a totally flat stomach after 3 kids.  I hate her. Not really.  I love her actually.  She’s one...
that because many antibiotics are known to upset the stomach, leading to cramps and diarrhea.   Often times, we offer non....  However, these are also well known for causing gastritis and peptic ulcers, leading to stomach pain and bleeding in the gut...
Hello there, thank you so much for your comments, very helpful :) Hello Sharon, Somen women complain of occasional bloating and also tightness. These tend to get better over time. If you constantly look and feel bloated thi
Stupid Sensitive Stomach... by Kati H. Patient Expert . Unfortunately, I was rudely interrupted by what I thought was the flu or a stomach bug. Well, let me share... you may or may not be hungry… After suffering through stomach pain for a few days and eating...
Should you run on sore, cramping legs? by Cord C. Patient Expert and soreness are normal, but when you legs turn to stone and you've got new soreness in places you didn't... the fluid ratio that you need, meaning drink more if you're going to put the hammer down. Those sore quads...
Stiff and sore by Jori .. Patient Expert my stomach ever sore today! My arms only hurt when I move knees aren't bruised, but are a little tender to the touch. I have never felt better. :o) Last night I went to the movies...

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Side effects ... NSAIDs most commonly affect the gastrointestinal tract (your stomach and intestines). Common side effects of long-term use of ... » Read on
Treatment ... ic ulcers focuses on either reducing the amount of acid in your stomach, so that the ulcer has time to heal, or treating the H p ... » Read on