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Sore With White Ring

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There are many reasons for developing sores inside one's mouth, both viral & bacterial... sores or fever blisters.  These are typically due to herpes simplex virus.  Supportive care is the usual...
to know what the white bump is. My suggestion to you would be to start with your general or family doctor...
It was the 27th of August. I had intercourse on the 9th,10th, and 11th. My breast are still tender on the sides and around the nipple area; They feel mushy not firm like usual; and my lower ab near hair line area is tender as
Alberta, You are most likely describing a sebaceous cyst.  These can be found anywhere on the body but seem to favor the area along the back.  If you're lucky, this may respond favorably to repeated warm compresses.  If the
cheesy-like clumps of expended lymph and white blood cells and toxic materials they filter...
Ringing the new year in with...a sore ankle? by ndscott Patient Expert how I pictured ringing in the new year, but hey, I guess we take what we're given. A big happy New Year...
The Sore Leg Mystery by Kristie Patient Expert . Much harder than usual. My legs have been way more tired, sluggish and sore than ever before. And I’m not... these made those seem like they were made out of cardboard. I don’t know for sure if these are going to magically make my legs feel less stiff and sore...
hello leslie i also have this problem but it only happens while on my period for the last 9 months any ideas it lasts about 4 or 5 days then goes away  only to return the following month  any advise or thoughts would be great
Ring the bells that can still ring... by Clare Patient Expert to do that actually made my calves sore. Which means they are WORKING. Which is progress. We move onto jumping.... When I can do more, I will do more. A friend of mine who has stage 4 breast cancer posted this quote “ Ring the bells that still can ring...
The Phone Rings by Kathy S. Patient Expert so I answer it, still wearing the soft white gloves I had on to handle the Doll Festival dolls and ornaments (I waited until so late so the dolls wouldn't get mauled too much before March 3rd, the Hina...

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