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Jason F. Palo Alto, California
I currently work at Stanford University at the Office of the Registrar as a Systems Analyst. We... More
Zachary K. Clermont, Florida
scogginsunl Dillon, Montana
I am a massage therapist here inSan Antonio. My techniqes are combined to be Integrated Soft... More
Rbenishwhite California
The latest Radialabs anti aging product primarily composed of shea butter, cocoa, Vitamin E,... More
emilyhurts San antonio, Texas
I'm 43, married and have 3 dogs.  I am soft bipolar and have degenerative disc disease. I... More

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Demi pointes, deshanks, pre-pointes, soft pointes, soft blocks, whatever by Selly Patient ExpertHealth Maven courses, such as RAD, require dancers to use demi pointe shoes, also known as soft pointes, pre-pointes, de-shanks, or soft blocks, for exams and classes. These can be obtained/made in 2 ways. One...
Soft Star RunAmoc Update; Soft Star Video Contest by Donald Patient Expert Having recently eclipsed 500 miles on my Soft Star RunAmocs , I figured it was time for an update post soon. The timing also worked out well to talk about another pair of Soft Stars...
New Soft Star RunAmoc Preview; Soft Star Survey Request by Donald Patient Expert for Soft Star this year in preparation for a new shoe that will be released later this spring. Truth.... This May, Soft Star is releasing a new version of their remarkably popular RunAmoc , which has been my favorite...
Soft Star Rogue Review; Soft Star Metro Review by Donald Patient Expert that my final product review for Running and Rambling features Soft Star Shoes .  Among all the companies I’ve... ... Team Soft Star at Tahoe That last point is one I’ve taken fairly...
Salmon Mousse Gelatin Ring and Raspberry Coconut Gelatin Dessert by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Jiggling rings and towers of gelatin can bring back unappetizing memories of a culinary era..., seriously. Forget about flavored gelatin rings made with mini-marshmallows and canned pineapple or with Miracle Whip...
Poop power: How firm is too firm? How soft is too soft? by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine In case blame needs to be assigned, this topic is brought to you by the fine folks at Waltham research, who (continually) made much ado about poo quality during our visit to their facility last week. Seems it's one crucial a
Caffeine Quota in Soft Drinks by Heather J. How much caffeine is in that can of soda? Right now, soft drink manufacturers do not list caffeine content on their labels, but as they say in the south (where I’m from), they’re “fixin...
Working on the computer for long periods of time can initiate a lot of neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and tight muscles. Over a long time, the muscles can become very tight and painful to the touch. Here are a few thing
Coca Cola is so named because it use to have cocaine in it for the drugs addictive qualities. While cocaine was obviously banned from soft drink formulas, I'm sure that caffeine substituted...
It might be something to worry about or it may not.  You need to have a veterinarian look at it for a proper diagnosis

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