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Leah S. California
Kitchy Mama Meals is about leaving well and eating smart on 1600 calories a day. Full meal plans... More
OoMzKiTTe007oO Seymour, Connecticut
I am 25 yrs old. I am a very VERY picky eater. For the past 10 years, Ive been eating chicken... More
Drew S. San Francisco, California
Betsy Clark Jacksonville, Florida
I am the Director of Pastoral Care and Older Adult Ministries at Avondale United Methodist Church... More
migillad jacksonville, Florida
 was  in the hospital for 3 days for blood clots in my leg and goin area. they put me on... More

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Low sodium or hyponatremia is not as rare as one would believe and the consequences are grave... to address the cause, not just raise the low salt.  Furthermore, we can't quickly raise someone's sodium...
I am not a physician but any treatment would depend on the reasons for the level - and one would need to see their private medical provider who knows them best for an evaluation
For tackling something like an occasional Acid Reflex, try chewing mint leaves or peppermint. Follow for more home remedies at 
High Protein, Low Fat, Low Carbohydrate and Low Sodium Foods List -
, as there is a real risk of serotonin syndrome when combined with either sodium valproate or Effexor (venlafaxine...
The short answer, no. You need to find out the underlying cause.  For example, if it is osteoarthritis, Nsaids like this block the inflammation but inhibit chondrocytosis which is the growth of cartilage cells. Essentially
  Low sodium foods   Deb, Cantaloupe contains only 28 mg of sodium per cup (177g), which makes it a very low sodium food.  At 60 calories per cup, it provides 120% of daily needs of vitamin A and 108% daily
It's a matter of total sodium per day.  If you don't eat anything else with salt, a little cheese... out the DASH eating plan, low sodium (1200mg sodium/day)  - Get your free plan at:
The Importance of Potassium and Salt by Chris .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven *clairity* We have all heard how we should reduce our sodium intake, stop salting our foods and be wary of high sodium packaged and refined foods. Whilst this is true there is another side to the story...
The Truth About Salt by Chris .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven things right in that Sodium Chloride (the type we find commercially) or table salt is bad... many toxic compounds like ‘alumino-silicate of sodium or yellow prussiate of soda’ which are both compounds...

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Complications ... 200 mg has a 5.4% risk of causing a serious birth defect. Sodium valprote when taken at a daily dose of less than 1,000mg ... » Read on
Prevention ... while exercising. This condition, known as hyponatremia, is low sodium, and can occur when too much water is drunk in a very sho ... » Read on