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Sarah Reilly, CNE, CNC Fairfax, California
I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist that specializes in metabolic issues including,... More
BillB Apple Valley, California
I am 53 years old in very good health except for a medium sized malignant tumor on my left lung. I... More
lilylangtree2 East Brunswick, New Jersey
I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 1990 after countless efforts with my doctor to test me. She... More
Letellsdpwd California
In Funga Cure amorolfine is the active ingredient, amorolfine is a tried and tested antifungal... More
My name is Dawn and welcome to Small Footprint Family! As a new parent and longtime... More

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there are plenty of things it could be and without more information I can't really narrow that down for you.   Are you on birthcontrol? On average, how long do your cycles last? Do you know when (or if) you do ovulate?
I'm glad that you have a reason now.  Thank you for sharing because now I know as well. been to the doctor and been told that this is a symptom of Cerazette. sorry  - no would have been day 20 i presume would have been around
Britney Smears by LunaNik Patient Expert , Britney included, should have no excuse for being out of shape especially when preparing for their big...
Pap smear vs DNA test by Katherine B. Patient Expert The New York Times reported on the discussion that is going on about Pap smears versus DNA tests... tests in "preventing advanced cancer and death". If you're a reader in the U.S. you're probably...
Having a Smear Test by BreastFeedingMums .. Patient Expert to make their smear test appointments a priority and it is very common for women to miss tests for no good reason... Many women fret about having a cervical smear and worry about the procedure...
MPs call for smear tests to be offered to younger women by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook for the age at which smear tests are offered to women to be lowered have been protesting outside the Houses... who lost her life to cervical cancer at only 23 years of age. In Scotland and Wales, smear tests...
Stanford And U.C. Berkeley Offering Of Genetic Testing Is To Help Ensure Students Are Prepared to Handle Future of Personalized by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven their own testing in house after not being able to find an commercial company they considered affordable.  Stanford.... But U.C. Berkeley isn't the only university offering its students genetic testing. Stanford University's...
Test for Cervical Cancer. Is a Pap Smear the best option? by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook Goody effect” – ran a piece this weekend titled “ Why I’m never going to have another smear test..., cervical cancer screening, pap smear, smear test ...
Tuesday Tip: Preparing For Black Belt Testing by Michele A. Patient Expert We have a group of 1st kyu students in the dojo preparing for shodan. The test is in two parts... before one test, I had an ocular migraine complete with flashes of light, spots and stars. 10. Be prepared...
What’s the Future of the Pap Smear versus the DNA Test by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven , but more than likely the pap smear will be around for a number of years as DNA testing is still fairly new as well.  BD... that some gynecologists hope it will eventually replace the Pap smear in wealthy countries and cruder tests in poor ones...

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How it is performed ... A common example of this type of biopsy is the cervical smear test, which is a biopsy of the cells around a woman's cerv ... » Read on
Why should it be done? Smear tests sometimes show up abnormal cell change in the cervix ... » Read on