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Small Red Itchy Bumps On Right Wrist

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I'm  Carmel, 12413 Old Meridian Street, Chiropractor providing complete chiropractic care... More
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Am Andrea Peter, age 24, from California. I have completed my Fashion designing course in... More
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I am 51 and found out three years ago that I had ADD. I was glad to find out because it answered... More
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I've been functioning as a iPad app developer for 3 years now. In distinct, iPad application... More

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The chances of you having breast cancer are smaller than you can even imagine.  It is completely normal for you to have changes in your breasts during your periods. If it is still there about a week after your cancer then tal
The fact that it went away is good news. As a suggestion, try cutting the time of your jogging in half. Also, begin and end your workouts with 5 minutes of walking. Then a minute or two of slower jogging. Your body needs to w
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?  Any possibility that these are mosquito or ant bites?  Are the red bumps where you shave?  Perhaps this is razor...
More likely than not, the smll red hard lump on your elbow is unrelated to the one on your back.  Possibilities include sebaceous cysts & lipomas.  I doubt that you have an abscess which is typically described...
I can't answer your question, Amiya. This is a forum for anxiety disorders and while your symptoms may result from stress, there are many possible physical causes too which need to be checked and ruled out. Were the antibiot
are really important to treat right away.  When they're so little they don't have a lot of reserves to hold... go to the doc right away.  Also, doctors will want to know right away if he has been "acting" sick...
represent insect bites? Of course the small bumps might be a red herring but we're trained to find the one... the small bumps, then depending upon his age, we might consider colon cancer, rare right sided...
Bump on the Lip by Lian Patient Expert A couple of months ago, K developed this bump on her lip that just wouldn't go away.... Unfortunately, it didn't and so back to the dentist we went. This is how it looked like right...
Hi, I cannot tell you what you can take for your medical problem without seeing you and diagnosing the problem. You should see your doctor to get an evaluation and diagnosis. Urticaria (itchy red spots or...

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