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My name is Katherina and I'm the 23 year old blogger behind Zephyr Runs. What initially started as... More
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Anyone would be nervous to find a small groin lump that is sore to the touch.  Being female... by.  Or the lump could represent an abscess (pus pocket) itself and require opening up & draining...
Any time it burns to urinate, think bladder or kidney infection.  But if you also have a lump in your groin and some lumps on your penis, start thinking sexually transmitted diseases.  That's why it's...
More likely than not, the smll red hard lump on your elbow is unrelated to the one on your back.  Possibilities include sebaceous cysts & lipomas.  I doubt that you have an abscess which is typically described...
Yes, you should make an appointment with your OB/Gyn as soon as you can to have them help you figure out if the lump is something to look into or just a swollen lymph node. Jo
having a difficult bowel movement or picking up a heavy load?  If so, you might have a hernia.  I suppose this lump...
of inches away from the original one. That lump could be anything from an imbedded BB or pellet to a small...Since I wrote that, I believe now that the lump is more like a bump and is on the skin's surface...
And your question is . . . ?  Sounds like you have an infection.  That painful swollen lump is most likely a lymph node indicating that the infection is close by.  It could also be an abscess or pus pocket...
Dogs may lick themselves for medical and/or behavioral reasons. For example, a dog may start licking a wound on the leg, but do so so energetically that the licking slows down the healing process. Dogs with joint problems
nothing serious than to wait and risk problems later. So yes, get it checked right away! ;) i have a small lump on my ribs, about 2 to 3 inches down from the breast,its not on the breast at all... its small and circular...
If it is very recent, without pain or discomfort it is less serious. If it has been there a while, and especially if there is any pain or discomfort, then it is much more serious. For any unusual changes in the physical body

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Introduction ... this happens, you may experience severe pain in your abdomen or groin. A blockage in the urinary system can also lead to infecti ... » Read on
Treatment ... d.  Epididymal cysts are harmless and usually small and painless, so no treatment is normally needed. However, ... » Read on