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Small Bumps Around Mouth

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Sounds like you may have an injured salivary gland. The mouth is lined with thousands of small salivary mucous glands that lubricate the oral surfaces.  Sometimes the openings of these glands...
in them. So when you eat food,  small pieces can get stuck in them and fester there. It was solved by simply gargling mouth wash, you can actually even reach back and scratch them off. Hope this helps. The Tonsils excrete small...
You should go to a dental office or hospital emergency room immediately and have these problems diagnosed and treated.  It sounds like an infection that could spread (even into your brain) and is very dangerous.
Bump on the Lip by Lian Patient Expert A couple of months ago, K developed this bump on her lip that just wouldn't go away...! Since it didn't bleed and the wound remained closed, I just left it be. Well, if you ever see this bump...
GVHD of the Mouth (Day 192) by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook There are small bumps that appear on the roof of my mouth. They seem to move around every 12 to 24 hours. Can you see what looks like a small blister on the left side of my mouth (it's on the right side...
Surgery in your mouth = not so sexy. by rebuildingamy Patient Expert Twenty years ago I had a small bump in the top of my mouth. Small... meaning the size of a pencil.... Dr. W took one look at the bump and said "nothing to worry about." These were the words I wanted...
Mike, Your question stops right after the words, "small hole", I'm not sure how this ended... after biting the plastic?  Is she having any difficulty breathing?  Did the plastic part come out of her mouth...
More likely than not, the smll red hard lump on your elbow is unrelated to the one on your back.  Possibilities include sebaceous cysts & lipomas.  I doubt that you have an abscess which is typically described as painful the
it could be from a osteoma to lymphoma. your sorry answer sucks My first question wold be have you asked your own medical provider about this?  That person knows you and your history the best.  Skin eruptions can have many
Please have her see her dentist or her private health care provider, who know her best, and can help her.

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