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Slightly Brown Discharge

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before he "you know" inside.     OK, now that we've got that out of the way, that weird brown discharge...
represents shedding of your uterine lining, so it makes sense that more flow is red and less is brown... who are sexually active, we have to worry about transmission of infections, especially if one's vaginal discharge...
Am 24, and I did read about  the brown spotting could mean that you could be getting your period... it is for you to have irregular menses (periods).  And depending upon the speed of your flow, it might range from brown (slow...
Dear Marilyn, So many things can cause discharge like you describe: infection, breakthrough bleeding, and more. It's best to see your MD and get it checked out to rule out anything serious or...
Depending upon the rate of menstrual flow, your blood (and blood tissue) can appear red (if fast) or brown (if slow).  The more time your body has to break up the blood, the slower the rate of flow...
for your regular/expected period?  Or was the timing off?     Menstrual discharge can differ based... all this stuff about STIs b/c that brownish grainy discharge might be a harbinger of an STI which could lead...
red (if qucik) to dark brown (if slow).  Lack of pain & odor are both good points to note...
Where are you in your cycle?  
Irregular bleeding can be a symptom of perimenopause, and can also be symptomatic of other more serious conditions. The next step you are already taking with the ultrasound, which will help rule out more serious problems. Yo
Your menstrual flow can vary from month to month depending upon volume & duration.  However, if there's any change to odor or any accompanying pain, you should always see your family physician to evaluate for a possible infec

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