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LA Times: “Parents are obese, they use [sleeping pills], they use drugs. Co-sleeping is just not safe” by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert that occur in a crib.  The tagline in the LA Times reads, Why only mention one specific sleep practice... by WP Greet Box WordPress Plugin Rather than educate parents on safe co-sleeping, the mainstream...
Sleeping Time versus Darkness Time by Matt M. Patient Expert , but seemingly from just more time spent in the dark.  I tend to sleep the same total amount even when turning...: sleep time and darkness time, which are separate concepts. Here's some wild speculation on the subject...
my clothing and go back to sleep and sometimes this pattern happens again and other times I wake up dry... adrenlin which makes the body work harder, even while we sleep. I've made a list of other possibilities...
, loss of energy, excessive tiredness manifesting as sleeping all the time, and cooler core body...
Hmmm . . . are you sure you've dislocated your leg 3 times?  Which joint did you dislocate?  It's rather uncommon to dislocate one's leg.  Shoulder dislocations are more frequent.  But unless you have a chronic...
thanks, I'll do just that Unfortunately, Renell, it does sound like you may be depressed to some degree, perhaps with some anxiety though that needs further information. However, it is possible that your feelings are being p
No Time for Sleep! by Israel L. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Click here to view the embedded video. I have too much to do to sleep. Watch the video as I explain to you what I mean. I know I need sleep for my health, but 5 solid hours of sleep is good...
Be Smarter with Sleep. How your Perfomance is affected by your sleeping habits by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook I cannot tell you how many times I have crammed for a test, all night- then awoken the next ready to write this test. Yeah Right. I wish I had been smarter about getting the right amount of sleep...
Time to go to Sleep…… by Chris .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven habits for the better. I have written about sleep several times before here , and here…. This post... Cia de Foto Sleep is a funny subject because people approach it with the best intentions...
Vacation Time, To Sleep, Perchance To Dream… by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven I’ve got some more vacation time off over the New Year. I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping... lots of sleeping, yes and remembering some of my dreams. This is quite rare for me. I usually don’t...

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Treatment ... avoiding heavy meals during the day and before doing any potentially dangerous activities, such as driving, or operating machine ... » Read on
Causes ... regular rhythm becomes disrupted. Air travel allows us to travel across several different time zones in a num ... » Read on