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I was born and raised in southern California near the beach and was very active until I moved up... More
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Isabel Lizarazu grew up in a medical household in Bolivia, where her father is a highly respected... More
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Hello dear friends, I started this blog in order to share with you my knowledge about... More
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I believe that its wiser to take time out now and work on my health rather that earn more now and... More
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I'm a mother of 4 and very concern about the growing number of food allergies. I wrote a recipe... More

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, variety is key to keeping you interested and motivated. Now for the skim milk. The FDA might make alot... crop. So, if you do go the soy route, make sure the milk is NOT GMO. I recommend a mixture of hemp...
Your body doesn't necessarily need milk, but it does need calcium.  For adults and children ages 2 and up, I'd suggest skim milk based off my personal preference.   If you don't drink cow's milk
Whole milk may be better for kids than skim milk by Niell A. Patient ExpertFacebook By  MICHELLE CASTILLO Whole milk may be the better option when giving children the dairy...-fat milk was given the OK over the whole milk option. "There's never been such a strong evidence base...
Is Skim Milk Healthy? by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I don't drink skim milk. A minor reason is flavor - flavor is in the fat. Average butterfat... have been duped into believing that low-fat and skim milk products are good for them. Only by marketing low-fat...
Why I Don't Drink Skim Milk by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven The first reason I don't drink skim milk is flavor - flavor is in the fat. Second, butterfat... of vitamins A and D and calcium. Skim milk - especially industrial skim milk - is an inferior source...
Skim Milk | Healthy Food of the Day by Matt C. Patient Expert Learn how adding skim milk to your diet can help you build muscle, strengthen bones and maybe even... by the dairy industry — over the past few years has suggested that including skim milk or fat-free milk...
Skim milk tastes gross by Laura Patient Expert I dutifully switched to skim milk in the 80s, but switched to real milk some years back even... people will increasingly join me. Got milk? What kind? ...
You Ask, I Answer: Skim vs. 2% Milk by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional about the type of milk they use. Consider the facts below: Two tablespoons of skim milk contain 12 calories and 0.1... of coffee with whole -- rather than skim -- milk may help feel less deprived and, therefore, stay...
In The News: Skim & Lowfat Milk: Waist-Friendly, Prostate-Attacking? by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional I can't wait to see how the National Dairy Council responds to this study. I unfortunately do not have a working Internet connection at home at the moment, so I will not comment on this study until Friday afterno
Milk, Does It Do A Body Good? Part 3: The Raw Debate - A Tale of Two Milks by Scott K. Patient Expert . What about all of those various jugs with different labels? Skim, 1%, 2%, whole, organic, and even milk for people that are lactose... drink milk". Genius! Quickly, skim milk is less than 0.5% milk fat by weight (5% of calories) and 1...

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