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Detection of Autoantibodies for the Diagnosis of Sjogren's Syndrome by syndrome in a subject. In tests utilizing blood from human volunteers, this method demonstrated dramatically higher accuracy (76%) in positively diagnosing Sjogren's syndrome than a standard, currently...
Biomarkers for Sjogren's Syndrome by that may be utilized for the development of diagnostics and therapeutics for Sjögren's syndrome. Sjögren's syndrome... throughout the body. Sjögren's syndrome affects as many as four million people in the United States, making...
Sjogren's Syndrome and Kidney Involvement by Vicky .. Patient Expert I have end stage renal failure ultimately caused by Sjogrens. Apparently it has been going on for quite a bit, but it was being sneaky. In fact, I am sure it was going on before I even knew I had an autoimmune disease. Darn
Diagnostic Test and Therapeutic Target for Sjogren's Syndrome by Description of Invention: Sjögren's syndrome is an autoimmune disease that attacks salivary glands resulting in chronic dry mouth and dry eyes. Currently, there is no single diagnostic test...
Genes and Autoantibodies to Diagnose and Treat Sjogren?s Syndrome by Description of Invention: Sjögren's syndrome (SS) is a chronic autoimmune disease... targets to treat SS. Applications: Diagnosis of Sjögren's syndrome Treatment of Sjögren's syndrome...
April is..... by Vicky .. Patient Expert Sjogrens Syndrome Awareness Month! Go here or here if you want to learn more information on what SS really is. Sjogren's World will really tell the truth of what it feels like to have this autoimmune disease...
Light At The End Of The Tunnel?? by Vicky .. Patient Expert Well.....I received some pretty good news from MUSC yesterday. It is official....I respond well to cellcept for my Sjogrens Syndrome. Of course this is used in larger doses after transplant and not exactly...
the disorder." Since that time, the name has traditionally been called "Down syndrome" in North America (note that "syndrome" isn't capitalized). However, the change has taken longer to occur in Great Britain...
Raynaud's with Sjogrens by Vicky .. Patient Expert Another condition I get associated to Sjogrens is Raynaud's Phenonemon. Again, it is not unusual to get this with any autoimmune disease. Women are affected nine times more than men. Raynaud's is named for the French physic
Rhadoid Tumor Predisposition Syndrome: A recently defined genetic syndrome by Dr. Brian M. Medical DoctorHealth Maven also recognized a new genetic syndrome got lost in the mix. Here's the scoop on the new syndrome: Rhabdoid Tumor Predisposition Syndrome (RTPS) is characterized by a germline mutation in the INI1 gene (chromosome 22q11.2...

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Causes Sjögren's syndrome occurs most often in people with a particular tissue ty ... » Read on
Introduction Sjögren's syndrome features abnormal dryness of the eyes, mouth and vagina ... » Read on