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Do Chronic Sinus Problems Cause Headaches? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty now. During this time many of our patients have had sinus related headaches.  You know, these are the headaches... your nose, it’s not pretty!  Sinus infections often lead to sinus headaches – wouldn’t you say that’s a true...
Natural Sinus Congestion, Sinus Headaches, Allergy and Sinusitis Relief through Lymphatic Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine , sinus headaches, swollen glands in the neck and a general feeling of stuffy and puffiness in the head... is utilized for clients presenting with sinus problems, sinus congestion, headaches, allergies, pressure...
, nosocomial infections (from hospitals), respiratory infections, scarlet fever, sinus infections, strep throat... beverages, they'll help steam open your sinuses.  try making a tea with any or all of the following...
Tension, Migraine, Sinus- What a Head-Ache! by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook chemical factor that is disrupting the nervous system. The third headache is a sinus headache. It tends.... For a sinus headache it’s very important to keep your sinuses clear. Use my salt water trick or a Neti pot...
UGh... sorry.  My blog link is on my profile here but since I am typing this comment: I'll just link it here... Living A  New Life... I think that you should do charting (sorry you didn't say if you were actively charti
Obviously, shopping is not good for you. It is connected with anxiety, to which all your symptoms could be traced back to. The seat of it is in your stomach, so avoid shopping and/or see a doctor, check your bank account prec
While those are symptoms of pregnancy they are also symptoms of illness as well.  Nothing you provided (information wise) allows me to speculate on if she could possibly be pregnant or not. I would suggest asking her to ta
Migraine Gem - Sinus Headache? by Teri Robert Patient ExpertHealth Maven Many people think they have sinus headaches, and unfortunately, some doctors even misdiagnose people with sinus headaches. The reality is that sinus headache is rare...
Your Questions Answered: Tension, Sinus, & Migraine Headaches by Diane C. Patient Expert for headaches, but the three most common that I see are the ones asked about -- tension, sinus and migraine..., whether it be a tension headache, sinus headache, or migraine headache. Namaste! ...

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Side effects ... irritation to the lining of your nose, headaches, and nausea ( ... » Read on
Treatment ... irritation to the lining of your nose, headaches, and nausea ( ... » Read on