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Laurie P. Missoula, Montana
I am an active 44 year old from Missoula Montana. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 months ago... More
gautam pune, IN
Simple Family loving person.
anand California
I m very  simple happy always.
Grazedelivered Vergennes, Vermont
Graze delivers fresh, wholesome, sustainably produced foods direct from Vermont family farms to... More
relaxing_results Danville, California
I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and member in excellent standing with the National Guild of... More

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More Discussion About the Possible Adverse Consequences of a Simple Breast Biopsy by Bruce Friedman Patient Expert In my blog note yesterday, I speculated about whether a simple diagnostic breast biopsy... in-situ (DCIS) (see: Can a Simple Breast Biopsy Initiate Tissue Invasion by Intra-Ductal Cancer Cells...
It's Nice to Have a Simple Disappointment by Tri Mommy Healthy Living Professional for now the crisis is past, having a simple disappointment - one that is not life altering is, in a way, a nice... for those great test results my Mom had after her mastectomy, I'd never ever do it.  Besides, now I have an extra...
Breast Cancer Surgery: Lumpectomy, Mastectomy by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert various surgical procedures to remove breast lumps and tumors. The surgeries include lumpectomy, simple mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, and radical mastectomy surgery.
Gotta Date by Sandi W. Patient Expert Gotta date. Finally. To the prom. The total mastectomy prom. My date is Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 4pm at Fancy Hospital. A total mastectomy is not the same as a radical mastectomy. The latter is hardly...
Simple, Simple, Simple (Or Why I Want Nothing to Do with "Nutraceuticals") by Pattie B. Patient Expert committed even more so now to simple, simple, simple, like this whole grain bread, kneaded with my own hands..., simple things like rice and dried beans and tofu and raisins and nuts and whole grain pasta and fruit...
The Simple Life Isn't Always so Simple by Stephanie Patient Expert I think I have a romanticized vision of the simple life. When I think of the simple life... and relaxation. Is this the picture you have? Well, let me tell you it isn't reality or I don't have a simple...
Simple questions? Simple answers? by Paul L. Healthy Living Professional "Simple questions" looking for answers: If medical costs experienced by insurance carriers... from health care workers, what might offset those increases? Some possible "simple answers": Self-driven...
Tell Simple Green “It’s Simple: Go Green”! by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert that has not been resolved. ( Simple Green Simply Greenwashing Consumers for Decades ) How often have you heard a friend say she uses Simple Green because it’s a “natural cleaner”? Maybe you’ve even thought...
Secret of Adulthood: Keep It Simple–But Not Too Simple. by Gretchen R. Patient Expert . Keep it simple, but not too simple. Sidenote: People often ask me, “Gretchen, do you really have an empty shelf... simple, yes, but also not too simple? If you’re reading this post through the daily email, click...
Mastectomy Therapy: Physical Therapy using Lymphatic Therapy for Pre and Post Mastectomy Surgery by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine the process their body is undergoing as they recover from such an invasive surgery as a radical mastectomy... and must be attended to pre and post surgery to maximize the healing process from a mastectomy...

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Introduction ... ctomy: Simple mastectomy - which involves the removal of the breast tis ... » Read on
Treatment ... f the cancer has not spread to your lymph nodes, you may have a simple mastectomy, in which only your breast will be removed. Ho ... » Read on