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no it isn't a sign of pregnancy.  Its considered normal to occationally flux a day longer or a day earlier. Unless you miss your period I wouldn't worry about it
sheds im 14 and im showing signs of pregnancy but my period isnt due till 2 weeks, so i dont know... had any at all before that. And sometimes you miss your period for many other reasons besides pregnancy. So I'll keep you updated on symptoms...
and he nutted in me 4times could i be pregnant??? HI, WELL I HAVE BEEN HAVING SIGNS OF PREGNANCY, MY BREASTS.... It could of been possible I was pregnant as I did have unprotected sex a few times but today I have come on my period...
it is improbable..however ya can get caught...i say this because my other half is a body builder who has abused steroids for quite sum time..he had tests that sed his sperm count were next to nothing.(also i woz on injection
because this month i hvnt had my period yet.. and i feel signs of pregnancy.. am i prgnant?? yes he pulled... sex with my boyfriend. I have missed my period this month but have no signs of pregnacy...
If you feel you may be pregnant and have had a tubal done then it is best to go into your physican and have them locate where the pregnancy is implanted.
Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms - What Are the First five Signs of Pregnancy? by just 4 families Patient Expert What are the first five earliest pregnancy symptoms? If you're unaware of signs of pregnancy... there are around 5 pregnancy signs that examine that lady is pregnant. With out indulging in a lot of main points...
pregnancy is overkill.  Simple urine test 4 weeks after your last period should suffice.   Hope I answered... ligation have a low but real rate of failure.  Condoms certainly aren't a guarantee against pregnancy...
period is the first sure sign of pregnancy (though pregnancy isn't always the cause of a "missed" or... after her period. I think its very surprising to have this many signs, so soon after intercourse, even...
2013 now and I have been having all pregnancy symptoms but negative hpt and blood test.  I'm... at the end of a period, doctors recommend using backup birth control for at least 2 weeks. The shot...

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