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Side View Of Spine

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Viv Austin, Texas
I am disabled with CFIDS/FMS. My mission to help people advocate for themselves and take control... More
Megan US
My name is Megan and I'm a Sixteen years old. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. I am... More
Jason C. Mountian View, California
ShelleyH La Grange, Kentucky
Have suffered with UC for the past 8 yrs. My father has had it for yrs. his mother died of colon... More

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Hi Glenda, When you say "Siliac Sack"- are you meaning to say the Sacro-Iliac Joint ? That is a common area in the lower back that can have subluxation, causing pain, and also decreasing flexibility. Also know as the SI jo
Side Plank Clam and Side Plank Hip Abduction Exercises by Mike Reinold Patient Expert :   Here is another view of the side plank with clam shell exercise from my friend Masai Takahashi... There is no doubt that the core and pelvis intricately work together to produce spine and pelvic mobility...
Thank you both so very much!  I'm now using a medicated shampoo from the Vet.  It helps alot.  I may need to give her some shots in the future though.  Giving the shampoo a good try first.  Thanks again!   Sue My dog had
NEJM -- The View from the Other Side -- Patients, Doctors, and the Power of a Camera by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor NEJM -- The View from the Other Side -- Patients, Doctors, and the Power of a Camera: "Recent... to view them - but medical students might - and this will help them to become more empathetic...
Views from this side of using donor eggs by Kami Patient Expert ? Perhaps the view from here really is just that much different than the view with your baby in your arms - no matter... I would say it hardly matters at all), but I just can't completely accept / believe it from this side...
Views from the ?other side? by Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor ! However, the attached article is unusual in the extreme, and for several reasons. In the first place, Views from the “Other Side”  was written by two well known urologists for the benefit of their peers. They describe...
Views from the other side by Kami Patient Expert exactly one year before Little Butterfly was born. Thank you to The View From This Place for bringing this to my attention. It's strange how different it feels to be on the other side. When I read other people's posts...
Revelations: The view from the other side of a patient care experience by Tony - Hospital Impact Healthy Living Professional of our arrival and viewing. They took my kids to play bingo with the other patients while my wife, mother-in-law...--when we are on the "other side" of the experience--working daily to make our hospitals the best they can be. ...
Viewing the World Through Frozen Side Mirrors by thisfullhouse Patient Expert can make a person, sort of, bitter) they are called side"walks" for a reason and raising 4 kids, attending 4... into side mirror] "Maybe because Mommy's letting ALL those cars turn!" Damn skippy! "That's right...
View from the other side of the hospital bed by Carla U. Patient Expert This past week, I've been on the caregiver side of the equation, rather than the patient role I've often found myself in. My husband was in the hospital for several days with pulmonary embolisms...

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