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Side Cramps

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Megan US
My name is Megan and I'm a Sixteen years old. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. I am... More
Hector F. Minneapolis, Minnesota
As of April 2008, I have competed in almost 20 triathlons, including the inaugural 70.3 World... More
Kathy H. Pfafftown, North Carolina
My name is Kathy and I am the full time caregiver for my eighty one year-old Dad who has... More
Wiliacallko California
Have you thrown your trousers out of your window as you no longer get fit into them? Well I can... More
watosiha new london, Wisconsin
I am a married, active 49 year old with two adult children.  A strong history of heart... More

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The only way to not get pregnant is to not have sex.  End of story.  The only way to lower one's chances of becoming pregnant is to use at least one form of birth control, mechanical barrier, hormonal or otherwise.  Pulling
Side Cramps by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven My side has been giving me problems lately. It is my left side, understandable, but it does get to be troublesome, after awhile. It really starts to bother me after sitting at the computer for awhile...
The pain in your left palm and arm could be caused by a large number of things so you really need to have this checked out by a doctor. Accelerated heart rate during sleep is fairly common and usually nothing to worry about
Ditch the Side-Stitch by Heather J. You're running as nimbly as a deer in the forest when you notice a slight cramp in your right side... a side-stitch, which is nothing to worry about, but they're painful enough to put your running to a halt...
and I have no more issues.  No cramps or anything though! I had the procedure done yesterday and had no anesthetic! It REALLY hurt but only with stomach cramps! but I suffer from bad period pain anyway. Good luck! As I recall...
Abdominal cramping and Chest Pain caused by Panic and Anxiety Attacks by David M. Patient Expert – 100% NATURAL CURE FOR PANIC ATTACKS Duration : 0:0:45 Technorati
you figure out what is causing the cramps or if it's the Sandostatin causing them.  When I did a search I didn't find anything that says cramping in the extremities is a known side effect...
Hmmm . . . very unlikely there are 2 sofia's complaining of cramps on R side & delayed period.  Check out my earlier post to (presumably) your earlier question.     And before I forget...
Multiple Sclerosis, Leg Cramps, and Appetite by Jughead Patient Expert anything anywhere that indicates any of my meds cause me to eat. I want to take a med that as a side effect makes me want to not...! My MS has always been more pronounced on the right side, even with my vision problems, but lately...
Using Malaria Medication for Leg Cramps is Risky by FDA prevention of nighttime leg cramps—a use not approved by FDA. FDA has received reports of side effects after people used Qualaquin to prevent or treat leg cramps or restless leg syndrome. Side effects included...

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