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Siamese Kitten

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A new kitten?.......A new kitten? by Tara M. Patient Expert One kitten,,,,,,One kitten.....makes TWO kittens. Emma Sage lost her beloved 'Nona' kitty...' and they have been the best of friends.... So when 'pumpkin' didn't have a home, guess what Emma Sage now has.....Yup! Two kittens
in love with this kitten and then found out that she had corneal ulcers.  You would never know... it might signal a problem in the kitten's immune response. Or a questionable early environment that might lead...
Well the kitten went in with catflue, 2 days later they said he developed jaundice and ultimatly... we wait 2 months. This was my daughters kitten and I could not bear to tell her that the little thing died...
would feel a lot worse if you adopted another kitten and it got sick, too. And please consider being honest... a new kitten in, both kids will share in the responsibility with you for and care of the puppy...
actually I do rescue also and had the same problem with one kitten same thing except both eyes... however did not need removing.. Hi Buckeye;  I was able to get kitten to a Vet to get his opinion and an estimate...
It depends on the cause. If it's caused by a bacteria, it will if the bacteria is susceptable to neosporin. If not, it could make it worse. will neosporin help sore eyes on a kitten The right way to treat...
A 6-week old kitten doesn't have very substantial claws, so the scratch shouldn't have been very deep.  The licking most likely didn't cause any problem either.  Generally speaking, most people...
Sometimes young kittens need to have their perineum cleaned and massaged in order for them to urinate and/or defecate.  The mother cat usually does this while they are growing...
This is a new one on me. The question is whether his exposed penis is related to the surgery or not. If it's been out since you picked him up, then it seems like it would be with one possibility being that somehow a nerve to
This is not good because black stools often indicate that the animal is bleeding internally. I suggest you have your cat examined by your veterinarain as soon as possible.

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