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Chiropractic Works Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Chiropractor Pittsfield | Chiropractic Works is located centrally in Pittsfield, MA at the Doctors... More
Derrick Menlo Park, California
I am 55 years old and overweight, I was once very much into most all sports. After having surgery... More
britz_benn California
I'm a southern gal. Two years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and since then I've had an... More
nilynaiman Kiamesha lake, New York
Nily Naiman was born in Israel in December of 1953. She was the elder of two sisters in a hard... More
kimmy74 California
September 2012.  Woke up with stiff neck that won't go away and now is in my shoulders and... More

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Shoulder, Shoulder, Shoulder! by derrick m. Healthy Living Professional with an article in RapidMedia , the first thing I thought was “Shoulder! Shoulder!, Shoulder!”  I mean, putting that arm out in chicken-wing fashion then hitting the water will put a lot of tension on that shoulder...
Shoulder Press | Shoulder Training by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Click to Play Shoulder Press, learn how to workout your shoulders with fitness expert Scott White: join now:
Kerri Walsh & The Black Patch On Her Shoulder -- Should I Get Some Kinesio For My Shoulder, Too? by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Just wondering if I should get some Kinesio tape to put on hurting shoulder.... But I could see using this therapeutic tape on my shoulder and wrist while playing tennis...
Shoulder Exercise to Strengthen the Lower Trapezius for Healthy Shoulders: Diamond Down by Aliesa George Patient Expert Posted a blog recently on the topic of strong and healthy shoulders, but I just uploaded a video... to help improve shoulder mechanics and reduce neck and shoulder tension.  Hope you enjoy this quick...
shoulder to shoulder by AliRae Patient Expert when you're doing it shoulder to shoulder with a community of people who can be strong when you're weak...
DB Shoulder Press | Shoulder Press | Fitness Training by Scott W. Healthy Living Professional Click to Play DB shoulder press, learn proper fitness training techniques with Scott White. join now for free:
Spider and Tics (Yes, I Mean Tics not Ticks) by Lisa .. Patient Expert as if I am autistic. So now I am afraid of spiders and I have developed an unusual tic. Great. Last night I walked... – My New Shoulder Online Continuing Education Program Website! by Mike Reinold Patient Expert of the Shoulder.  I’ve been working on the new enhanced version of the program for the past month and it looks great.  Join me as I walk you through the science behind effectively working with the shoulder...
An Open tic Letter To NASCAR tic About 11 Year Old Chambers by Theantijared Patient Expert Dear Trevor tic Bayne , I am writing tic you this letter to tell you about a tic awesome boy named Chambers. He is tic 11 and he thinks you tic are the best NASCAR driver out there. One tic day...
Tic talk, Tic talk: time is wasting by Laura Patient Expert -- including anorexia -- he also describes a behavioral technique for tics in Tourette's, a disorder...

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Introduction ... vements such as facial twitching, blinking and shrugging of the shoulders. Common vocal tics include coughing, grunting or clear ... » Read on
Symptoms ... snapping the fingers, and shrugging the shoulders. Complex motor tics ... » Read on