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Mellanie H. Decatur, Texas
Mellanie True Hills is CEO of ( As an atrial... More
Mira J. California
I'm somatic pilates mat instructor. Currently in Finland and in Hong Kong from 2012 onwards.... More
The Woodlands Chiropractor Texas The Woodlands, Texas
Dr. David Pope's practice is centered around giving you the same level of care he gives the... More
I'm a 37 year old Mom to four boys and two girls. My youngest son was born with Down Syndrome and... More
Myself Dr. Uddhav A. Patil M.S., M.Ch. Chairman & MD lakshyakiran... More

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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome and Treatment by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional Shoulder Impingement Syndrome is caused by the excessive squeezing or rubbing of the rotator cuff... of the rotator cuff tendons, and/or calcium deposits in tendons due to wear and tear. Shoulder impingement...
Shoulder impingement: what is it and how to treat it? by Roman M. Patient Expert Shoulder impingement is one of the most painful injuries out there.  It also can sneak... could very well be shoulder impingement. Shoulder impingement is basically the inflammation of the surrounding...
AC Joint Impingement vs. “Regular” Shoulder Impingement by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional ” (external) shoulder impingement cases.  And, it is a very important differentiation to make. I’ve... .  And, I kicked out a two-part series called The Truth About Shoulder Impingement; here are Part 1 and Part 2...
joint.  For those reasons, the shoulder joint can be luxated (dislocated).  Whether or not surgery... smjauss, The shoulder joint of the dog is considered to be a fairly weak doesn't...
Lifting after Shoulder Surgery by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional . A: If I am you, and I have a shoulder surgery, I can the overhead pressing for good. And, I think upright rows are quite possibly... your message (with humor!). My specific interest is in the information you provide about your shoulder...
Shoulder Impingement - 3 Keys to Assessment and Treatment by Mike Reinold Patient Expert impingement and my DVD Optimal Shoulder Performance . Hey Mike, I'm watching my Optimal... that everyone refers to when simply stating “shoulder impingement.”  The green arrow shows the inside, or articular...
Shoulder Impingement by Mike Reinold Patient Expert recording for Inner Circle members is now available below. Shoulder Impingement This month’s Inner Circle webinars discussed keys to shoulder impingement.  We talked about several topics, including...
Marlins Anibel Sanchez out for the season after shoulder surgery by Eli .. Patient Expert Florida Marlins right-hander Anibel Sanchez is out for the season after exploratory surgery on his shoulder revealed a torn labrum. Sanchez pitched a no-hitter last year as a rookie.
Do Shoulder Surgeons Recommend Surgery? by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook involve surgery. It’s best to think of a Surgeon as a Shoulder Specialist who can also operate if needed... As Shoulder Surgeon, Mr Simon Owen...
Can Physical Therapy for Rotator Cuff Tears Prevent Surgery? by Mike Reinold Patient Expert Surgery looked at this exact question.  The MOON Shoulder Group, which is a multi-center network....  Read my past article on the different types of shoulder impingement to understand...

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