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"Shortness of Breath", Increased Activity & Exercise by Sandy Patient Expert " on the topic of "Shortness of Breath" & Exercise. In our first "episode" you will have limited activity... and will be on your way to an exercise training program. The shortness of breath that comes with COPD typically limits...
Pursed Lip Breathing: Pucker Up and Breathe Easier by Jane M. Certified Respiratory Therapist to recover from shortness of breath. It involves breathing in through the nose and exhaling with the lips... You would think that breathing would be as easy as inhaling and exhaling, requiring no thought...
Out of Breath by Amy H. Patient Expert with me and my running.  "Shivering" "Gravity" and "Obsessions" are examples of short reflections on topics I feel..., am I also out of breath?  It seems unfair.  As I am taking the stairs with a co-worker who is by appearance...
1.7 Billion Super Computer Hours Awarded by the DOE–Biomedical Research Projects Included for Parkinson’s and Cancer by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven This was part of the INCITE project and the selected programs went through a peer review and 57 projects in all were selected with those needing and having the best potential benefit from the high powered servers. Recently
US Captures The Top Number For the Most Powerful Computer in the World–First Time Since 2009 - IBM Sequoia At the DOE Lab by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven This is a little break away from the normal healthcare blogs but it’s related as these supercomputers are in healthcare.  DOE even rents space out for other agencies and I wrote about that a while back.  Too bad our Congres
? I don't want to go on because I am really not sure if the question is if shortness of breath... My name is Tara and I am not sure what your question is exactly. If it is about the shortness...
What you are describing could be caused by several conditions.  The 2 really important points you mentioned are the "struggling to breathe consistently" and that your dog is 10 years old. With that recipe...
Thank you very much for your advice. Dyspnea (shortness of breath) is not usually a side effect... of the breathing reflex. Possibly the most well known relatively recent case is that of former Different Strokes...
It might be anxiety, tjs11394. But it might be any number of things. Only a medical examination, perhaps with lab tests, will be able to determine this. Best wishes Ian
I recommend you consult a doctor about your symptoms, twinkieni. While tiredness, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and tingling are typical of anxiety, hair loss generally isn't unless you're

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Symptoms ... g, severe headache, shortness of breath, pain in the side of th ... » Read on
Symptoms ... eartbeat, labored breathing, loss of appetite, shortness of breath during exertion, breathing faster or de ... » Read on