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Sharp Upper Stomach Pain

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physician for an evaluation.  Pneumonias sitting on the diaphragm can cause stomach pain.  We'd also worry about his gall bladder & pancreas amongst other reasons for sudden onset abdominal pain.   I know he's...
Any time someone complains of chest pain, we worry about heart attacks, regardless of age and sex... cancer diagnosis is the other).  Heart attacks are typically associated with chest pain that may or...
Reduce the intensity of your workout such that the pain doesn't occur. Your body needs 48 hours to recover from a heavy workout, so do light running, shorter running, light swimming, light cycling
Pain is a pain to figure out, isn't it? First off, the kind of pain you are describing, sharp..., dairy, etc.) but can occur any time.  The pain is usually sharp, and is sometimes severe. Keep a log...
Obviously, shopping is not good for you. It is connected with anxiety, to which all your symptoms could be traced back to. The seat of it is in your stomach, so avoid shopping and/or see a doctor, check your bank
.  If there is pain in your upper portion of your trunk then that wouldn't have anything to do with pregnancy in the general way of things.  If you had this pain in the first two weeks of your cycle then I would say...
Take a week off from running to rest your muscles. Then reduce your running and go slower. Do stretches for your quads, hips, and knees. Here are the ones I do. Be sure you run heavy/light, i.e. follow each run with a light w
if I had heartburn.  He said that the acid from my stomach was causing the sore throat and ear pain.  I started... and having an endoscopy.  I have had the same symptoms for years. It turned out that a valve in my stomach was not...
Angeles. He has an office in West Hollywood too. I had such back shoulder and neck pain it would put... i over did something. I also was having some pain on my right side now and then and felt emotional and one time thought i was having a heat attack...
.  Unfortunately, there's not enough information for me to give you much help.  If the pain continues...

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Symptoms ... , or sudden and severe abdominal pain. ... » Read on
Causes ... pain and discomfort in your upper abdomen, nausea, ... » Read on