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my name is jackie and i love my kids i have 3 to boys and one girl but my baby son is fivebut my... More
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Seemingly all my problems started during puberty. I've been overweight to some extent for most of... More
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Take a week off from running to rest your muscles. Then reduce your running and go slower. Do stretches for your quads, hips, and knees. Here are the ones I do. Be sure you run heavy/light, i.e. follow...
Reduce the intensity of your workout such that the pain doesn't occur. Your body needs 48 hours to recover from a heavy workout, so do light running, shorter running, light swimming, light cycling
Obviously, shopping is not good for you. It is connected with anxiety, to which all your symptoms could be traced back to. The seat of it is in your stomach, so avoid shopping and/or see a doctor, check your bank
You may have a misalignment in your thoracic spine. I would recomend that you see a chiropractor to get evaluated. X-ray films may be necessary as well. -NJ
are in back where the oscipal bone is and my chiro says it is all stress related. Stabbing pains to the back... symptom, so this doesn't necessarily mean that yours aren't. If it helps, the brain has no pain...
I have experienced many symptoms and the sharp pain at the outer side of my left leg...The intense pain down the side and back of your leg and tingling of your lower leg could be a sign...
Homeopathic Remedies For Cramps by Sanjib S. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine     Cramps are caused by too little oxygen to the muscles.  These spasms can be painful... salt during muscle spasms.  This remedy also helps with cramps in the stomach,face and cramps caused...
quadrant pain, if you can imagine dividing your "stomach" into fourths via perpendicular lines intersecting at your belly button (umbilicus).  Pain that is centered right beneath your ribcage is more likely to be stomach...
feeling hard to touch, it makes me think of an acute or surgical abdomen.  Rigid abdominal muscles are used to protect the contents.  Any rapid de/accelerative movement can cause pain, even as simple as a heel tap or...
St. Petersburg Acupuncture Clinic offers Acupuncture for Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Strains, Sprains, Soft Tissue Injury, Sports I by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Acupuncture for Muscle and Joint Pain. Pain due to muscle or joint dysfunction affects... (and it’s drug free). Everyday we treat a wide variety of painful conditions due to muscle and joint...

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Recommendations ... oo long, as doing so can cause harmful effects, such as stomach pain, constipation and vomiting. This is because some of the vit ... » Read on
Symptoms ... coronary arteries become partially blocked, it can cause chest pain ( angina ). If they become completely blocked, it can cause ... » Read on