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I am 22 years old and I am living well and living with Lupus. CHRONICLYsILLy was started as a... More
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on.  Musculoskeletal trauma could certainly explain stabbing pain w/movement of your right arm.  Rib fracture, costochondritis and/or bruised/strained intercostals could explain pain w/breathing...
are in back where the oscipal bone is and my chiro says it is all stress related. Stabbing pains to the back... symptom, so this doesn't necessarily mean that yours aren't. If it helps, the brain has no pain...
You may have a misalignment in your thoracic spine. I would recomend that you see a chiropractor to get evaluated. X-ray films may be necessary as well. -NJ
Take a week off from running to rest your muscles. Then reduce your running and go slower. Do stretches for your quads, hips, and knees. Here are the ones I do. Be sure you run heavy/light, i.e. follow each run with a light w
I have experienced many symptoms and the sharp pain at the outer side of my left leg...The intense pain down the side and back of your leg and tingling of your lower leg could be a sign...
between the scrotum and rectum (perineum) Pain or discomfort of the penis or testicles Painful orgasms (ejaculations... and rectum (perineum) Pain or discomfort of the penis or testicles Painful orgasms (ejaculations) Flu...
your question tricky is that what's sharp pain to you might be dull to someone else.  Likewise, what's painful....  If you've had any abdominal surgeries or been diagnosed w/endometriosis, adhesions could cause sharp pain...
Pain is a pain to figure out, isn't it? First off, the kind of pain you are describing, sharp..., dairy, etc.) but can occur any time.  The pain is usually sharp, and is sometimes severe. Keep a log...
Any time someone complains of chest pain, we worry about heart attacks, regardless of age and sex... cancer diagnosis is the other).  Heart attacks are typically associated with chest pain that may or...
older than your current age), polymyalgia rheumatica or temporal arteritis can present w/girdle pain... which would then present as neck, shoulder & hand pain.  Typically we would expect more description as pain running down the arm...

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Symptoms ... including: a dull ache, or sharp pain, in your testicles, or scrotum, which may come and go ... » Read on
Complications ... n. This pain can vary from a constant dull ache, or episodes of sharp, intense pain. Long term testicular pain ... » Read on