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Sharp Pain In Right Hand Side

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Cherie s. Maryborough, AU
For a long time i knew something wasnt right, and always thought i was just a crazy female with... More
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on.  Musculoskeletal trauma could certainly explain stabbing pain w/movement of your right arm.  Rib fracture, costochondritis and/or bruised/strained intercostals could explain pain w/breathing...
, it should be symmetric on both sides of the body.   Right leg swelling alone can be post-traumatic, venous... on the right side of the body, I can't imagine why you'd have swelling on both the upper & lower extremity...
I am not a physician and all I can suggest is what I suggest to most here - please go see your own medical provider who knows you best.   Lynn 
I don't think this is related to an anxiety disorder, though no doubt it is causing you some anxiety. Your family physician should be able to determine the cause and be able to suggest a remedy. Best wishes Ian
Pain is a pain to figure out, isn't it? First off, the kind of pain you are describing, sharp..., dairy, etc.) but can occur any time.  The pain is usually sharp, and is sometimes severe. Keep a log...
-- sometimes it feels as though it begins in back near kidney area and also along left side and ends right under ribcage... and right now it's lower front left under rib.  BTW, we just had dinner about 1/2 hour ago.  It seems to wax...
more. Then the pain comes in your side, and often times this is lactic acid building up in that muscle, which happens... Jason is right about VO2 max, and that if your body doesn't get enough oxygen your muscles...
I am supposed to be right handed damn it! by domesticextraordinaire Patient Expert . Hell even as I type this I am in pain with using the fingers on my left hand. It is killing... that I can't use my left hand and use it and I scream in pain. Hubby is supportive as he is kicking stuff...
I can't answer your question, Amiya. This is a forum for anxiety disorders and while your symptoms may result from stress, there are many possible physical causes too which need to be checked and ruled out. Were the antibiot
your question tricky is that what's sharp pain to you might be dull to someone else.  Likewise, what's painful... can then become inflammed & infected, leading to diverticulitis, which is usually left sided pain.     Central pain...

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Symptoms ... sease include: episodes of pain in your lower abdomen, usually in the lower, left-hand side ... » Read on
Symptoms ... breathlessness, an ache or pain when you cough or take a deep breath, ... » Read on