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Sharp Pain In Lower Right Abdominal

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Pain in the right lower quadrant is classic for appendicitis but that isn't usually associated... cause that could explain everything, in this case, the abdominal pain.  However, if we discount...
I had this once, and in the end it was PID pelvic inflammatory disease and my hip siliac bone had become swollen with reactive arthiritis due to the infection. The doctor should do a urine test, a STI test to rule it out. Too
.  If you've had any abdominal surgeries or been diagnosed w/endometriosis, adhesions could cause sharp pain... your question tricky is that what's sharp pain to you might be dull to someone else.  Likewise, what's painful...
creates pain and fever). Drink lots of water, cranberry juice or take cranberry tablets.  You will likely...
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your ovaries are not technically in the abdomen.  the uterus and ovaries are located directly behind the badder (which is in the pelvic area rather than the in the abnominal)
the lower back pain). There's also the possibility of an appendicitis if the pain is on the right side... A fever lasting three days or longer -- I'd call the doctor. Any time there's pain in the lower
Neck and Thoracic Pain| Atypical Chest and Abdominal Pain by Dr. Jennifer C. Medical Doctor all rights reserved  Neck Pain and Thoracic Pain| Atypical Chest and Abdominal Pain ... Patients may present with atypical abdominal and chest pain that may be related to spinal problems...
colored urine or clay colored stools?  Change in bowel habits?  Bloody urine or painful urination?   You're describing the right upper quadrant which is typically where the liver & gallladder are housed...
pain in the right upper quadrant (under the ribs), even stuff that isn't typically associated w/pain... could actually irritate the liver capsule (causing right upper quadrant pain) and is then known as Fitz-Hugh...

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Symptoms ... The symptoms of appendicitis normally begin with a pain in your abdomen (stomach). The pain normally develops quick ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... tipation, or diarrhea, pain and discomfort in your abdomen, and a ... » Read on