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Severe Neck Pain with Numbess and Tingling-- all from a Herniated Disc? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook into the arms and hands. Depending the level of the herniated disc, you may experience weakness, severe pain or even shooting pains into the upper extremity. A disc herniation can often be the cause of severe...
by itself. It started with a tingling and uncomfortable feeling(like nerve pain) as I swallow, after eating breakfast... of your face. Your teeth no longer fit together normally when biting down (malocclusion). A severe...
I had similar sensations but without the dry lips, though I do get them in the winter cold... of those things that can get worse over time and my cantaloupe allergy is sever enough that I'm prescribed an epie...
Are Your Severe Neck Pain Symptoms the Result of a Cervical Radiculopathy? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook sensations or tingling, decreased or absent reflexes, and weakness in certain muscles. This goes back... Patients who present with severe neck pain that is radiating into their shoulders or arms...
ibuprofen all of which gives me temp.relief.the reason i ask about medrol,my sister in law has severe back...- it may give you some relief temporarily. You said that you have severe lower back pain- have you had an x-ray or an MRI...
of your spine can cause a variety of leg issues from pain to numbness and tingling to muscle cramping. A couple...
! I too experience very cold sensations and numbness in my fingertips, fingers, hands and feet. It can be due to the MS. Let me rephrase.. Numbness and different sensations are very common with MS...
A herniated or bulging disc in the neck or the low back can cause numbness and tingling.  - Nav Gill 
We wouldn't know for sure. Let me ask you, do you have a close relative who is arthritic? Any history of Diabetes? Try to set the temparature right and use a warm full sleeve clothing. You can also take garlic, ginger and tur
Thank you for the response. I have been tested for diabetes, and while not diabetic, I am hypoglycemic and carry a meter to check my sugar. I don't know if it is relevant, but I am 10 tears post op from gastric bypass surger

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