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Meet the fam... I am a freelance photojournalist and full time... More
Dawne Long California
I am 40 yrs old. I was diagnoised with lupus (SLE)1 yr ago. Since then lesions have been found in... More
Lewis US
I'm interested in change and transformation on many levels, from astrophysics to healing to... More
PinkCloudDancer Georgia
Hello, My name is Cheryl and I had RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery in April of 2005.  My... More
Spirited Lady Living Coeur d Alene, Idaho
I suffered from and eating disorder for many years. My intention now is to become an eating... More

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a matter of life or death, I'm concerned about testicular swelling.  Especially if you're under 40yo, we worry about testicular cancer. Epididymitis might cause testicular swelling but would be painful...
When you have such sever pain, you cannot wait for the dental office to open.  I would suggest you go to the hospital emergency room.  They will have the medications you need to start feeling better--QUICK. http...
Dear Dr. Lin, Thank you very much for your response.  As it happens, the pain and symptoms brought me to the ER earlier this week.  After listening to my bowel sounds the doctor decided to do a CT scan with contrast and disco
I'm not a dermatologist but the thing I would try to avoid is an steroid cream.  These are available over-the-counter without a prescription as hydrocortisone.  The problem is that these may thin out your skin and possible le
Just got diagnosed with Lupus last week. Is there any way to make yourself go into remission? Sounds like a malar butterfly rash. Even if in remission you should always protect your self from the sun with clothing, hats, and
... he was seen last week and given antibyotics which did seem to help with the swelling and such, but he tried going to work today and by the night was in a lot of pain and the area is swelling again . please help me i need...
, often with associated swelling.  Sudden-onset joint pain plus fatigue makes Lyme very likely...
Severe Eczema — Why Traditional Treatments Fail by Total Health Breakthroughs Patient Expert its severity. Here’s why traditional treatments often fail miserably in treating eczema.  They merely...
Treatment may be dependant on cause. If this rash is in the groin (the folds of the skin) it may be due to costant wetness. In that case use powder and hydrocortisone. If it is down on the dry areas of skin, use lubricants an
Treating Severe Cases of Male Infertility by HealthyPregnancy .. problems, known as the male factor infertility. We're going to focus on very severe male infertility... about severe male factor infertility, or in essence, zero sperm count, Larry, what does that mean...

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Causes ... emotherapy - the medicines used with chemotherapy can sometimes severely reduce the production of sperm. ... » Read on
Complications ... cause your scrotum to become extremely swollen and painful. In severe cases, you may require further surgery to treat the blood ... » Read on