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Mike R. Indianapolis, Indiana
Mike Robertson is the President of Robertson Training Systems and the Director of Custom Athletics... More
Steven Gifford Batavia Township, Ohio
Since 1998, Steven Gifford, LICDC, LPC, has worked in the Licking Memorial Hospital -- Shepherd... More
Je-JeTwo California
I'm a wife and a mom. I want this year to be the time that i get back into the gym at least 4... More
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Married to my best friend 10 years, 15 years high school sweethearts. Lost our little boy we named... More
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How will you differentiate a wenkebach’s Mobitz type 1 AV block from type 2 second degree AV block if the conduction ratio is 2: by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor very unstable and these patients have a high risk for going in for complete heart block and often require... It is the classical description of wenkebach AV block type 1 there is progressive prolongation...
How to manage complete heart block during pregnancy ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor For the lay public   the term complete heart block (CHB) often convey a sinister message...  . . .the anxiety to the Obstetrician ! Congenital complete heart block is the usual etiology...
How to diagnose complete heart block without ECG ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor   complete heart block  ?  Only one condition , . . .  you must conclude in the bed side ! Heart... mapping . After all ,  the 19th century clinical wizard Wenke back recognised the second degree  AV...
What are critical differences between complete heart block and AV dissociation ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor CHB and AV dissociation are often confused with one another . While CHB is an important cause for AVD , there are distinct differences  which have clinical implications. This table is an attempt to simpify the understandin
Can you spell Wenckebach? by Ellie Patient Expert when his initial heart rate was 38. That could be a problem. We printed out about a mile of EKG strip to figure out that he was in a second degree atrioventricular heart block type 1, aka Mobitz 1, aka a Wenckebach. (my parents love...
What is the mechanism of complete AV block in inferior MI ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Organic Ischemic Necrotic ECG types 1  degree AV block 2 degree  AV block – Type 1 Wenke bach... is especially prone for AV blocks. This is because  the  blood supply to AV nodal  tissues and the inferoposterior...
Do heart scans cause cancer? by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor here. Over the years, I've fussed about the radiation dose used by some centers for CT heart scans. (Note: I'm talking about CT heart scans, not CT coronary angiograms, an entirely different test with different radiation...
Chronicles of the Heart – Part 11… by Ron Patient Expert since about 2002, and yet I’ve been unable to get, and remain, much below 15stone. Since my heart failure..., if the cause is my heart or my lungs. Certainly, when I get breathless doing sod all, like just sitting typing...
Chronicles of the Heart, Part 42 – The dangers of Nebivolol… by Ron Patient Expert heart beat (bradycardia). Worsening of heart failure.** Problems with the electrical pathways that control the pumping action of the heart (heart block). Visual disturbances. Nightmares. Depression...
At the heart of the matter by Paul L. Healthy Living Professional include variables such as socioeconomic status. The second problem is the small sample size...-degree-of-difficulty patients if their clinical results are made public? I am not sure how to test...

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Introduction ... ly than normal. Sometimes, the heart may even stop for up to 20 seconds. It is caused by a delay, or disruption, of the electric ... » Read on
Special considerations ... the supervision of a doctor or specialist. Second or third-degree heart block. Worseni ... » Read on