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Christine New York
I am devoted to vegan, MSG-free and all-natural cooking/baking from scratch. I love to share... More
prestigeharbor South Weber, Utah
Three kids, 18, 16 and 13, boyfriend, great family, two jobs, love to run, did my first half... More
Kitchenkemistry California
I am a self-taught (more trials and equal errors) cook and baker with an innate ability to present... More
Dr. Marc Tinsley Monroeville, Pennsylvania
... More
Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm actually not allergic to any foods. So why exactly do I restrict my... More

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Scratch Scratch, Itch Itch, Oh what a Pain it is! by Amy Silcox Patient Expert are itchy on the inside.  Especially after I cough, I can REALLY feel the itch.  Like the mucus is tickling...
An Itch I Gotta Scratch by Jenn Patient Expert I woke up with a bit of a sore throat this morning. Fortunately, it appears to have disappeared just as quickly as it came on thanks to a day of liquid and soft foods. I’m just going to blame the dry air and hope it doesn’
Don’t scratch the loneliness ‘itch’ with the wrong scratcher by NML Patient Expert if that’s what you want. Loneliness is one of those feelings where if you scratch the proverbial itch with the wrong scratcher, you will get temporary relief but the feeling will return until you scratch...
Scratching the Itch: Cholestasis of Pregnancy by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional , and regular screenings, I know Liam’s birth was just the beginning of an urge to scratch the itch...
Scratching the Social Interaction Itch by Rock G. Patient Expert After run stretch These Sunday trail runs have become a great outlet for social interaction, something that has been missing in my schedule so far this year. I spend far too much time alone. I work at home 9-6, most
Not Scratching The Itch to Fix by Susan Patient Expert When I was thinking of the relationship that I wrote about in “Sometimes It’s Not It” I remember one thing that later on (much later on) led me TO the right people. And that was to stop fixing things even in a non-assertive
Central convolutions to itch and scratch in sensory processing of pain by Chris Alterio Occupational Therapist to understand the complexities between itch and scratch. I think I slept through any references to Fourier... that documents a CENTRAL effect of how scratching ameliorates itch sensations. Basically, the idea...
ITCH ITCH ITCH by Ken C. Patient Expert out over my thighs, buttocks, belly, and arm pits. Itch itch itch. I scratch until they bleed. I spray HOT water... washed off. But the damage is done and the wounds itch and fester and are hell for days and days...
Itch by sawling Medical Doctor I hate itch. The moment you start scratching, the itch gets worse. Recently, I have developed a funny rash. The skin around my neck began to feel really itchy initially. I began scratching away...
Itching to Fix Eczema? Tips on How Sufferers Can Ditch the Itch by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook is an inflammatory skin condition with symptoms that include dry, itching and reddened skin patches. There is no cure... of eczema • Moderate-to-severely itching skin (this symptom separates eczema from other skin rashes...

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Prevention ... e a mild illness in childhood. Encouraging children not to scratch the affected area around their anus will help prevent re ... » Read on
Treatment ... eve itching. Trying not to scratch. It irritates the skin further, leading to more itching ... » Read on