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Violet's Scleral Shells over the years by Sarah Patient Expert Here are all of Violet's Scleral Shells over the past almost 4 years. Inbetween her eye mouldings being taken, her Ocularist builds them up adding more to them until he needs...
Violet's 1st Scleral Shell Eye by Sarah Patient Expert though, when her good eye moves the shell on her other eye stays still. .....Before Photo without scleral shell in. .....Before Photo without Scleral Shell in. .....Photo of Clear Scleral Shell .....After Photo with just a Clear...
Violet's 2nd Scleral Shell Eye by Sarah Patient Expert Picked up Violet's 2nd hand painted Scleral Shell today. It is heaps bigger, so seems her eye structure is growing quite well. Notice the size increase more when you take it out.
Violet's 1st Painted Scleral Shell On Order by Sarah Patient Expert On Tuesday, Violet is finally going to have her first hand painted scleral shell made. No more clear shells! Can't wait to see what a difference it will make, at the moment her microphthalmia eye...
Violet's 3rd Scleral Shell Eye by Sarah Patient Expert Today we finally got to take Violet's new scleral shell home after 3 months waiting for it to be made and finished since she had her eye moulding. It seems alot smaller this time, but I think...
The Buckle Boss can't boss him by Kristie Meyer Patient Expert , we decided to buy the Buckle Boss. From their website: 1. Position the Buckle Boss® Belt Guard... where the belt fits into the buckle. 3. Do not insert the seatbelt into the middle slot (it's not critical...
Dairy, Egg and Nut Free Blueberry Buckle by Kelly R. Patient Expert on this warm, summer day. The first treat that came to mind was my dairy, egg and nut free Blueberry Buckle. What’s a buckle, you might ask? It’s really a fancy word for a coffee cake, but if you look back in old...
Rhubarb Buckle by Alexandra S. Patient Expert In the wonderful world of bottom-crusted crumb-topped baked-fruit desserts, buckles are new.... But I think I would like a buckle even more if it were different. I know, I hate to be picky, but I’m not...
Rhubarb Buckle, Revisited by Alexandra S. Patient Expert Ok, I think I’ve got this. An old recipe for blueberry buckle printed in the “Letters” section... buckle last week. This dough, made with egg yolks and a little cream, yields the perfect bottom crust...
Anatomic Fashion Friday: Skull Belt + Buckle by Vanessa R. Patient Expert For only $175 bucks, you can sport this awesome skull buckle by Shane from A&R store! The buckles are cast from clear resin in different layers, so they have a depth and 3-dimensional aspect

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Treatment ... ital (1-2 days). There are two types of surgery currently used: scleral buckling (also referred to as using encircling bands) an ... » Read on
Complications If ectropion is stopping your eye from closing properly, the front of the eye (cornea) is not ful ... » Read on