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If you haven't changed your hair products, that might actually be a reasonable next step to determine if you've developed a sensitivity to an ingredient.  The larger problem is that manufacturers put in many, many chemicals,
I have been having the same sensation of something crawling under my scalp but it only appeared since I was diagnosed with a severe case of MRSA staph infection that was dangerously close to my brain. The sensation...
Hi Jeanie, Might want to visit a wellness focused chiropractor (not just a back cracker) to see if you have any pinched nerves in your neck or back. He/she should refer you to another practitioner if there is evidence of an
Has anyone found a definitive answer?  My temples are throbbing and scalp itchy with pressure... about when I described the pain on my scalp and the thing with the bumps.  The Botox treatment helped...
Paresthesia, a tingling sensation in the extremities - fingers and toes, is a relatively common anxiety symptom often resulting from over breathing, Virginia. Itching is less common...
Look At The Label: GlamGlow Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask by Sarah B. Patient Expert -type ingredients like you would find in a scalp tingling product. Instead, the tingling effect most likely comes...: GlamGLow’s tingling face mask.  According to GlamGlow’s website the tagline for this product is “Tingle...
An Invigorating Scalp Treatment by Nirmala N. If you're looking for a home remedy to get your scalp tingling and your senses perked up, an invigorating scalp massage is the way to go. Not only does it feel great--it also stimulates the scalp...
Looks Like Shingles... OUCH! by Sandy Patient Expert Greetings from the "Sunshine State" The first sign of Shingles may include itching, tingling, and burning. A few days later a blistering rash appears which can last up to 30 days! I would like to share...
The symptoms you describe could be caused by a variety of conditions. Please make an appointment with your doctor soon.
Obviously, it has to do with poor blood circulation. You have to consult your doctor about your diet, exercise and your life-style in general. Move, shake, but also visualize your blood flowing in your extremities!

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How it is performed ... d 16 to 25 electrodes (small flat metal discs) attached to your scalp. These electrodes are connected to wires, which are in tur ... » Read on
Symptoms ... Greasy, yellow, scaly patches on the scalp. The affected skin area may appear re ... » Read on