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Letellsdpwd California
In Funga Cure amorolfine is the active ingredient, amorolfine is a tried and tested antifungal... More
katie-nail Buckland, Alaska
I am just a medical student. I am interested in learning about Toenail Fungus Treatment
I’ve suffered from Candida for years.  About 12 years ago I went to a naturopath... More
muellernadine California
Zeta Clear homeopathic treatment includes a two step formula which wards off toe fungal infection... More
My life turned out just like I'd always dreamed. An exact replica of my girlhood diary. Met &... More

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SOOC: Fungus-among-us by Danette Patient Expert Mr. Bitty has had ringworm on his scalp for almost two months now. We've nicknamed it his "fungus-among-us" (yes, we watch too many cartoons ). He's been taking medicine and it is S-L-O-W-L-Y getting better...
Is the No-Poo method safe for hair and scalp? by Sarah B. Patient Expert is always present on the scalp, but when the level of sebum increases the fungus proliferates resulting in scalp itching... her hair in 5 years .  If you really did NOTHING to clean your hair and scalp, would that be bad...
Why does greasy hair make my scalp ache? by Sarah B. Patient Expert only greasy looking, but by the afternoon/ evening my scalp actually begins to hurt. It’s like a headache.... On the off days I tried just using conditioner, or just using water and scritching my scalp in the shower, or not...
Daily Question: What Can I Do at Home for a Dry Scalp? by Nicki Z. Patient Expert in futurederm Dry, Flaky Scalp? , a photo by Jim Barter on Flickr. Dear Nicki...? -Fabulous Friend O’Mine Dear Fabulous Friend, Eczema on the scalp, also known as seborrheic dermatitis...
Do You Have A Fungal Infection? by Dr. Daniel Kalish Doctor of Chiropracty in your head that will not go away, do you have dry skin or dandruff and/or do you have fungus on your groin... of candida (fungus) in your gut. In this newsletter, we will take a look at what fungus is, what causes...
Has anyone found a definitive answer?  My temples are throbbing and scalp itchy with pressure... about when I described the pain on my scalp and the thing with the bumps.  The Botox treatment helped...
If you haven't changed your hair products, that might actually be a reasonable next step to determine if you've developed a sensitivity to an ingredient.  The larger problem is that manufacturers put in many, many chemicals,
I have been having the same sensation of something crawling under my scalp but it only appeared since I was diagnosed with a severe case of MRSA staph infection that was dangerously close to my brain. The sensation...
I agree with Gillian. The best thing you can do is see your doctor. The bump may not be related to your hair loss at all. The doctor may be able to determine that your hair loss is not caused by a major illness. This will put
Hi Jeanie, Might want to visit a wellness focused chiropractor (not just a back cracker) to see if you have any pinched nerves in your neck or back. He/she should refer you to another practitioner if there is evidence of an

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What is it used for? ... paints or tablets such as terbinafine. Fungal scalp infections such as ringworm can be treated with antifungal ... » Read on
Causes ... x months old. You may also notice reddened skin on your child's scalp, armpit and neck. Normally, seborroeic dermatitis only las ... » Read on