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the area which the nerve innervates.  If you're not referring to a skin rash of sorts, then I'd worry...
This sounds like it should be examined by a doctor (Orthopedics if you can).  It could be anything from a tendinitis to a stress fracture. Dr. Rima B
Best Post of January 2012: The area postrema is not the only area where the BBB is lacking by Dr. Brian M. Medical DoctorHealth Maven I understand that the Area Postrema was a site where there was increased penetrability of the blood brain... of the BBB.  NO BBB!  Area postrema is one of the circumventricular organs, areas in the brain that lack...
Remote Area Medical Making An Unprecedented 2nd Clinic Appearance in the Los Angeles Area April 27-May 3, 2010 by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven We all remember last year when Remote Area Medical was able to provide free medical care... of Los Angeles County.  You can also visit the Remote Area Medical Website and see what is on the agenda...
as every patient's particular health issue. I strongly suggest that you interview Naturopaths in the area. The AANP... Practitioner and I practice in the Bay Area Kerri Knox, RN Functional Medicine Practitioner http://www.easy...
This may be the cervico-thoracic junction you are talking about- in other words, the area between the neck and midback area. You may have irritated the paraspinal muscles surrounding the bones in that area
? That is a common area in the lower back that can have subluxation, causing pain, and also decreasing flexibility.... There are also ligaments in this area as well as overlying muscle which can spasm (and cause pain). Due to the SI Joint...
Great biking book for Bay Area! by Alex T. Check out Moon's Bay Area Biking guide. It's one of the best I've seen - full route maps and a nice assortment of trails.
to an area so that perhaps you might heal a minor infection if you're otherwise healthy.  Good luck!...
Sorry but I'm having a difficult picturing a red bump.  It might be an ingrown hair or it might be a sexually transmitted infection, especially if you're itchy.  Since you're worried, it's best to go see your family doctor. 

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