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The Alzheimer's Doc Reno, Nevada
Biography of Dr. Ken Romeo, The Alzheimer’s Doc.  Dr. Ken Romeo, “The... More
Hi everyone! Well, I was the biggest skeptic when the book "The Secret" was released.... More
John !. St. Paul, Minnesota
My name John and as I start writing this blog at the beginning of August, 2007 I am not fit, I am... More
MNgardener Savage, Minnesota
I became interested in natural ways to improve my health after watching my 67-year-old stepfather... More
nathenaieke California
If you are not happy with your weight loss program, try the new Pure Raspberry Ketone! This is a... More

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Music Soothes the Savage—But Possibly Not the Sarcoid or 7-Year Old Boy—Beasts by Rebecca .. Patient Expert correctly on the keys. And without me providing motivation—or coercion—Andrew has also quit practicing...
Savage Savages Autism: Real Disorder? Medical Disorder? Social Disorder? by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy show host Michael Savage for today's discussion - in particular, his remarks that autistic kids are unruly..., a prof at New York University, conceded Savage's remarks harbor a "kernel of truth" according...
Give the Key to Your Heart for Valentine’s Day with a Calendar Key Pendant from Not Just Any Old Day! by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook show that the giver put a lot of thought into the gift. A Calendar Key Pendant from Not Just Any Old Day fulfills both of those requirements! The Key To My Heart Plated Calendar Key with Swarovski Crystal is one-of-a-kind...
Daily Inspiration: “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” &# by Nicki Z. Patient Expert Cosby: “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.” ― Bill...
The Key to Weight Loss is Believing. The Key to Believing is Mental Simulation. by Doctor of Philosophy Believing that it will actually happen—that you will start dieting, stay on your diet, lose a lot of weight, and then maintain permanent weight loss—may be what gets you there. Try it. Try believing by picturing yoursel
The Key to Success? Take Lotsa Breaks! by Nirmala N. If you're a born multi-tasker, here's some good news--simply taking breaks in between work can spare you from fatigue and help you to accomplish tasks even more quickly than usual. According to experts, a break of five or te
Non-Stealing (Asteya): A Key Component of Yoga's Code of Morality by Dada V. Healthy Living Professional by Dada Vedaprajinananda (this another article in our Yama-Niyama series) Many years back when I was just beginning the practice of yoga, someone came to me and asked how he could begin yoga. As I was not a teacher at that
Eating more slowly will help. It takes about twenty minutes for your body to cue you that you're full. If you eat quickly it's easier to over eat. You still need to exercise on a regular basis but not necessarily intensely
Junk Food Americans - Keys to Good Nutrition & Eating Healthy on Organic Whole Food by Josiah F. Patient Expert WHAT ARE AMERICANS EATING? TOO MUCH JUNK FOOD! An analysis of the diet of Americans reveals that sugary snacks and sodas are consumed more readily than fruits and vegetables. Researcher Gladys Block, PhD. and Professor
Three years ago I was having the same problem and then began having spells of disorientation while driving. I talked to my doctor and he ordered an MRI, a PET scan and a psychometric test. He said the word I didn't want to h

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