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eroche Stanford, California
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I love to hike, run, workout, camp.  I am also a group fitness instructor.  I teach... More
Dave1981 California
I am healthcare professional with qualifications in medicine, nutrition and physical... More
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ImDave California
  Well, here's the nature of my old body... I’m a 56 year old diabetic man... More

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FDA Approves Roche Accu-Chek Combo Insulin System With 2 Way Wireless Bluetooth Technology From the Pump to the Meter by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven -accu-chek-combo-system-roches-new-interactive-insulin-pump-system-for-people-with-diabetes-2012-07-18 ... Administration (FDA) for the Accu-Chek Combo system for insulin pump therapy. The Accu-Chek Combo system...
Roche Insulin Delivery Systems announces recall of ACCU-CHEK® FlexLink Plus infusion sets by FDA by the their healthcare team or contact their physician. Roche Insulin Delivery Systems advises all customers.... Roche Insulin Delivery Systems emphasizes that the above mentioned action only applies to the ACCU-CHEK...
Roche ACCU-CHEK FlexLink Plus Infusion Set: Class I Recall - Potential for Under-Delivery of Insulin by FDA Ultraflex, other Accu-Chek infusion sets or insulin pumps are not affected by this recall... to their therapy are needed and how to temporarily continue insulin pump therapy without the ACCU-CHEK FlexLink...
Insulin Pump Problems and Recalls – FDA Get Those Tags Out There So Consumers Can Identify Them Easily with Cell Phones by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven with insulin pumps, tiny devices worn by thousands of diabetics to deliver insulin. "Device problems critical to insulin pumps exist across manufacturers," the agency said, noting there have been 18 recalls...
Tandem Diabetes Insulin Pump Approved by the FDA–Smallest Pump System With First Ever Color Touch Screen by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven From the website: “An insulin pump that’s sized like a credit card, Tandem’s color-touchscreen t:slim is today’s slimmest, sleekest  insulin pump—up to 25% slimmer than others.*Through an easy-to-use touch screen...
Tandem Diabetes Care Initiates Voluntary Recall for Specific Lots of Insulin Cartridges Used with t:slim Insulin Pump by FDA andem Diabetes Care®, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNDM) today announced that it is initiating a voluntary recall of specific lots of insulin cartridges that are used with the t:slim® Insulin Pump. The affected cartridges
Medtronic Introduces Remote Insulin Pump Monitoring for Caregivers With mySentry by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven you have hardware monitors that tell how much insulin is in the pump and the battery status.  Red, yellow and green...    mySentry is used in conjunction with the MiniMed Paradigm ® REAL-Time Revel™ System, an insulin pump...
Hacked Insulin Pump Draw Attention As 2 Congressmen Ask GAO to Investigate-They Should Fund the FDA For Some Additional Engineer by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven do that and it should be a warning for all insulin pump makers to take another look as you are only as good as the next hacker... If you missed the story, this was a consumer hacker, not a lab who was able to hack the insulin...
Medtronic Gets FDA Approval of the MiniMed® 530G Insulin Pump With Enlite® Using Artificial Pancreas Technology by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven if needed to cut down on transit times.  UPS pharmacists fill 4,000 orders a day for insulin pumps..., which automatically stops insulin delivery when sensor glucose levels reach a preset low level.   The Enlite sensor...
New Insulin Pump by Naomi M. Patient Expert I saw the news on Diabetes Daily about the new insulin pump coming on the market next year from a company called Medingo. The pump is the Solo, and it is a tubing-free, tiny pump. You can detach...

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