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through (the aches sometimes feel like chills, right?), but now your body is becoming "normal", and this causes... as well. I am 40 years old, and my legs are so tired and hurt. The upper part of my thighs ache...
Generally, when there is tension in the neck and shoulders, you can get pressure on the cervical nerves which can cause the symptoms in your fingers and your shoulder.  It is likely that this is only stress and perhaps a mass
Looks like a visit to a doctor is in order. Pain for two months implies something serious is going on. Hope it's not a fracture.
of the thigh bone and the other prevents it from moving back. So if in your landing the shin vectored forward...
of my right thigh, which indicates lyme disease. I was on Doxyciline (?) for three weeks but the aches......however, the situation remains...the pain moves from back of left thigh, to left knee to left testicle...sometimes right...
Inflammation of any organ or body part is designated by "itis".  So appendicitis and bursitis are inflammation of your appendix & bursa.  Likewise, inflammation of the liver is hepatitis (hepat- or hepatic- is the Greek orig
 It sounds like you might have either strained an abductor muscle or possibly have irritated your  IT band (illiotibial band) syndrome, a fascial sheath that runs from your hip to the outside of your knee. Have you been recen
up you retain fluid, the worse the situation.  I suspect the dent that you noticed in your thigh... a major vein) higher up in the thigh or pelvis region leading to one-sided swelling.  Whatever the cause...
Becky, it can be caused by numerous things, however if you do work at a computer every day, then there is a tendency for muscles to get sore.  Typically, this soreness is fatigue and the result of poor posturing or ergonomic
If your Dr has recommended PT, then you should pursue that.  Also if your pain in continuing you may need to get an mri (lumbar and cervical) which will show if there is anything going on the disc level and will also show so

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Symptoms ... pain, tenderness and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, hips and thigh muscles. Often, the pain becomes quite severe and you may ... » Read on
Symptoms ... less common, to have sores on the buttocks, anus and top of the thighs. Urinating may be very painful, particu ... » Read on