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Frankie Cork, IE
This blog is a attempt to bring the subject of ECG to the hearts of all you clinicians and... More
worthless N. Haledon, New Jersey
I've been going through depression i'm not sure how long,To long, Also have stills disease,... More
Monica J. Foster Landis, North Carolina
People say I’m an expert on the beauty each day holds. As the Chief Motivational Officer... More
superjob denver, Louisiana

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Right-side Heart Failure… by Ron Patient Expert the arteries in the lungs and the right side of your heart. Pulmonary hypertension begins when tiny.... As the pressure builds, your heart’s lower right chamber (right ventricle) must work harder to pump blood...
Steven--You've shared your concerns and since you are dealing with another adult, that is all you can do at this time. Your mom has the right to choose differently than you would like her to.
Coming Out - My World Upside Down, To Right Side Up by Heathy Pace Patient Expert for me to decide right now. But I do know that a good part of my heart will always be with the raw vegan lifestyle... out in little bumps all over my forehead at one point in August (right before having to be part of my friend's...
Protecting the right to use bio-identical hormones in your heart disease prevention program by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor use of non-identical hormones despite a probable increased side-effect and complication profile (a la... better, than other pharmacies we've dealt with. We believe in protecting our rights to prescribe...
Angina: New Drug Gets Right To The Heart Of The Problem by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy compound F15845 has anti-angina activity and can protect heart cells from damage without the unwanted side... A compound designed to prevent chest pains in heart patients has shown promising results in animal...
Uhhhhhhh by Cathy T. Patient ExpertHealth Maven SOOOO much is on my heart right now, and I’ve started a dozen posts in my head between yesterday... the latest in her life!  her writing and her faith and her life just SUCK me right in!  Like a vacuum...
What is right for left coronary artery could be wrong for “Right” ! by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Coronary circulation is an enigma . This is true even after 50 years of coronary angiography.  What we visualise  in CAG is  only a  fraction ,  when  compared with what we do not see !  The intricacies of  coronary collate
Heart Disease Is Not An Indicator of Heart Problems States Doctors Who Want to Set the Record Straight at the American Heart Ass by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven so as far as bacteria though the American Heart Association says all the information is flawed.  This goes right along with I talk about all the time, “flawed data” and it’s amongst us.  Good thing we have folks...
RAW VEGAN? or not? WHAT IS RIGHT? (what is right for me? what is right for you? what others say is right. how to know what is ri by PrettySmartOne .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven ) seems to be siding with meat-eaters and dairy consumers. This article could be scary, disheartening, or...”.  We raw vegans are at a place right now where many of our revered “gurus” are bailing, suddenly telling...
, it should be symmetric on both sides of the body.   Right leg swelling alone can be post-traumatic, venous... on the right side of the body, I can't imagine why you'd have swelling on both the upper & lower extremity...

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Complications ... s when a hole occurs in the septum (the wall that separates the right side of the heart from the left) in the lower part of the ... » Read on
Introduction ... s the part of your heart where muscle fibers are divided into a right bundle and a left bundle. Together they control the heart ... » Read on