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High Ankle Sprains by Mike Reinold Patient Expert is upon us, we often hear the term “high ankle sprain” used by announcers and in the media. This guest article from Trevor....   What is a high ankle sprain? A high ankle sprain, or syndesmotic sprain, occurs when there is an injury...
Hello Douglas, there are three joints in the lower extremities; the hip, the knee, and the ankle... of those joints using a brace the energy of your action must go somewhere. So yes when stabilizing the ankle...
This could involve anything from a bad bruise to a sprain to a partial (or complete) dislocation to a fracture to an infection. Your best bet is to have your dog examined by your veterinarian, possibly
A truly sprained ankle might gradually get better on its own with proper confinement..., but it should get better eventually.  The problem here is that you don't know if it is just a sprain or if it's...
Ankle sprains take time and attention to heal. Just as all human beings are unique... externally) stabilize the ankle (taping, bracing, high top shoes) the action of moving the body (walking...
Ankle injuries are quite difficult--let's say that up front.  Having said that, it can take a long time to recover.  With regard to fractures and what you are feeling: Hairline fractures can skip...
Ankle Sprains 101 by Alexandra H. Patient Expert Ankle sprains are common injuries.  For most of us, they seem to occur at the most unlikely... turns while playing sports can lead to ankle sprain and strain.  Ill-fitting shoes, obesity...
Ankle Sprain Prevention by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional Ankle sprains can be prevented or you can lessen the risk of ankle sprains. A bad ankle sprain or... of sports fitness training is injury prevention . Ankle sprains are common to sports competitors...
Ankle Sprains Weaken Your Butt! by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional ?! It is almost impossible to have a good workout when "your butt just isn't in it!" Research has proven that ankle sprains..., REFERRAL FOR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE). Ankle sprains can be avoided by learning proper landing/jumping...

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Causes ... Sprains or strains are most likely to happen if you: over-reach, ... » Read on
Treatment ... Most mild to moderate sprains and strains can be treated at home. Sprains and strains - using PRICE ... » Read on