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Michael Green Brisbane, AU
I am a Fitness Professional helping great people achieve great results.
MagicMike Brisbane, AU
With eighteen years experience and commitment to entertaining kids and adults Mike has performed... More
Sarah Reed London, UK
My deep interest and long experience with older people, reminiscence and dementia resulted in... More
Dr. Len dallas, Texas
For the past 15 years I had been in private practice helping people regain their... More
yalinfurniture Foshan, CN
Foshan Yalin Furniture Co., Ltd is one of chinese professional furniture manufacturers,... More

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A Follow Up To The ECT Article by Untreatable .. Patient Expert me that he believed that ECT might be good for my situation and he said I should go forward with it. I replied that is good what the heck are you talking about? ECT is Electro Convulsive Therapy or shock treatments...
Surviving Depression and ECT-My "YOU" magazine story by alanb Patient Expert After Alcoholism I fell into a deep depression and for me ECT(Shock Treatment) was the only way... of E.C.T. ( Electric Convulsive Therapy ), commonly known as Shock Treatment. It was almost a perfect...
Recovery from Alcoholism and Depression-My Story-Part 4.Shocked Back to Life(ECT). by alanb Patient Expert Shocked Back to Life (ECT) The nurse gently took my hand and led me to the chair. I had put... and thus began my experience of the ‘last resort treatment" of ECT. The trip to the Annexe was to be repeated...
FDA ECT deadline looms by Liz S. Patient Expert the fact that ECT in most people results in sometimes-significant memory loss. We wrote about FDA’s..., but we know it works” is what ECT advocates will tell you. And indeed, I’ve seen evidence of people...
Article On Forced ECT Electro Convulsive Therapy by Untreatable .. Patient Expert because there was no treatment like it before," says ECT proponent Dr. Max Fink, widely regarded as the grandfather of American ECT and a professor of psychiatry at Stony Brook University in New York. "At the time, every state...
Ultrasound results by Florence F. Patient Expert I totally got my ultrasound results last week and forgot to blog about it. So last week... on my stomach, blood work, and my ultrasound results. Dr. Kim said he would get in contact with the people...
Results, results and…more…results!!!!! by Margaret Patient Expert Okay, I admit, I was beginning to flip out about the bloody test result delay. Last night..., comparing these results to my December 2009 set, my total IgGs have gone , from 3410 to 3360 mg/dL…not...
Raw Summit 2 is on its way... by Angela S. Patient Expert IT’S BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK :) Raw Summit 2 is due to commence on Monday the 29th of October at 8PM EST. Yeeeeeeeeeeee-HAH :) Many thousands of people all over the world tuned in to the first Summit back in August, which feat
2 Year Check Up Results, Testing Results, and New Therapy Thingies by Stephanie B. Patient Expert for the results. Yesterday, Dr. Pediatrician called. Everything came back good. Well...
Siemens Medical Investigation Resulting Appears to have resulted from a Whistleblower - Update by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven This is an update on the raid of the Siemens facility in Pennsylvania this week and states bigger discounts were given to corporate customers with the government paying higher prices, and in reality, who really knows how oft

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Cautions Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) should not be taken ... » Read on
Treatment ... with bereavement. There is some evidence that IPT can be as effective as medication or CBT, but more research is needed. ... » Read on